A Wee Tiny Blog
For the programmers out there, this is a PHP class that allows you to add a blog to an existing website. I loosely based it on the code running my own blog. It's under the zip/libpng license so you don't have to worry about having to open source the rest of your code.

Ask Patient 1274
An Ask Pony Tumblr featuring several residents of a psychiatric ward, notably Patient 1274 - aka Rider.

Ask PonAI
A pony ask blog that chronicles the life of a developing Artificial Intelligence in modern Equestria. As she explores her virtual environment, she or her developers ask and answer various questions and experience life from unique viewpoints.

Ask 'Lilah
A different sort of ask pony blog, this one takes inspiration from the Divine Comedy and the Screwtape Letters, following a devil pony as she goes about her daily life.

Cast, Mine, Thrive
Minecraft and Minetest feature vast worlds to explore and develop. With all of the mods I use, the game becomes even more elaborate, and I decided to chronicle my misadventures in this Tumblr.

Drawn By His Light
This is a website about Christian artwork; specifically the symbolism that's commonly used in it. References for the symbols are provided, as are tutorials on drawing them and general drawing advice.

Emo the Explorer
A slightly dark and narmful look into the life of a wangsty kid that the Corporation managed to trick into mining valuables on a foreign planet. Come along and watch as he whines about life on the frontier.

God Minded Gaming
This website provides reviews of video games and educational material to help non-gamers make an educated choice about games in general.

Necros Cavern
An open source text-based game where you attempt to earn points by collecting treasure and avoiding monsters. Available for Windows and Linux, though it should also run under DOS and BSD if you compile it yourself.

This is Our Father's World
A simple tumblr blog that showcases both religious and nature art three times a week. The point of this blog is simply to remind everyone that there is beauty in the world, even the worst of times.