My DA account is mainly a mix of My Little Pony fanart, Christianity themed works, and completely random stuff like a horse with a pompadour and sunglasses in Las Vegas.

Steam Account
Steam is a very simple online game distribution and community system. For the curious, here's a link to my profile.

Probably one of my more frequent stops on the net. Expect lots of random things and reposts.

I can often be found over on the comment board of the User Friendly webcomic. Click the cartoon to go straight to today's comment board. Note that even if I don't post, you can be sure I'm lurking around there.

I was finally convinced to sign up for one. I'm primarily there for the games, but I sometimes post random stuff.

Furs For Christ
A small Furry/Christian forum, this is one of the other places I can be found yakking about things.

While my main blog is over here, this in an old account, rarely used these days. I've usually found on Tumblr instead.

I very rarely sign in to YouTube these days -- it seems like a pointless extra step. BUT that is my account for the curious.