Every day (or at least, whenever the day ends with a blog entry) I try to include a link to something interesting I've located on the internet. It may be a YouTube video, an interesting article, an online game or something completely unexpected.

In mid-March 2014, I updated the site's design so that the links were stored separate from the entries themselves. This way, you can skim just the things I've linked to instead of having to read through the blog itself. Enjoy these weird and wonderful finds from around the internet!
Complete List of Links
"Ability" creepypasta
"Quiet Water" on a Launchpad
10 Creepy video game glitches you have to see
10 cute and colourful insects
10 facts about Portal
10 insane fears people had about new technology
10 Mentally Disturbed Disney Movie Characters Who Are Crazier Than You Think
10 Photos that cannot be explained
10 Realities Of Life On Mars
10 Things Cat Owners Have Probably Done
10 Things You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food
10 TV Creepypastas
10 Typos That Cost a Fortune
10 Unbelievable Phobias
10 unique transportation jobs
10 Weird Things Found in Outer Space
107 facts about the Grinch
11 Miles (creepypasta)
12 Strange and Disturbing facts about the original My Little Pony
15 Common Nightmares
15 Creepiest Things a Child Ever Said
15 Creepiest Video Games Perfect For Halloween
15 Creepy Facts About Area 51
15 Photography cliches that everyone hates
15 Products for Lazy People
15 thesis papers summarized hilariously honestly
18 People Who Forgot There Was Already A Word For That
20 Celebrities and Their Past Lives
20 Creepiest Pokedex Entries
20 Historic pictures colorized
2048's much larger brother
3 Second Dumplings
30 Disturbing things found on Google Maps
30 hilarious tweets married couples can relate with
38 Wonderful moments of closed captioned history
5 eerie places made from bones
5 Extreme Haunted Houses
5 Most Haunted Objects in The World
5 Unexplained sightings caught on video
6 Clues the Earth is Hollow
6 CREEPIEST Haunted Forests You Should Never Visit
6 Realities as the Parent of an Autistic Child
7 Biggest Underwater Mysteries
7 Mysterious & Amazing Underwater Discoveries of 2015
7 things you don't notice about addition until you quit
7 Types of Annoying Internet Commenters
8 Eeriest Recordings You Will Ever Hear
8 REAL Ouija Board Horror Stories That Will TERRIFY You
8 Terrible Christmas Gifts
8 Unique Ice Cream flavors to try this summer
8-bit Trip
A breakdown of how people watch porn online
A Brief History of Luigi
A look back on Mark Hamill's Joker
A new and simple way to deal with cell phones at concerts
A short story about ponies
A trio of Zannis discover instruments
A true gentle giant
Aaron's Animals: Fire Truck Rescue
About unicorn horns
Achievement Unlocked
Animator vs Animation
Ants go marching on
Ants react to burgers
ApplePie Cartoons
Are silent farts worse?
Are video games anti-LGBT?
Are you depressed?
Baby Bunny Play Time
Baby horse and dog play tag
Ballad of the Wind Fish
Balloons, by Mandopony
Bathtime in Clerkenwell
Batman eats a hotdog
BatMetal Update
Beat It PMV
Beautiful Spring
Before and After - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Behind the Scenes)
Behind the scenes
Being a single dad
Bender Bending Rodríguez - Best moments
Best of Behind Closed Ovens 2014
Beware the Hookshot
Big Bill Hell's Cars
Bla Bla Bla
Bob Ross -- the Remix
Bob Ross Lipsum
Boomer in the ball pit
Bow Wow Meow
Box of Baby Bunnies
Boxcar 2D
Break my mind - with ponies
Breath of Heaven
British traffic according to a Brit
Bunny goes sleepy
Business Pony
Butter Fingers
Buzzfeed's guide to trading candy
Buzzfeed: We Asked Brits To Label The United States Again
By Crom!
Can someone shatter a wine glass with thier voice?
Can you teach a robot not to be a jerk?
Canter Can
Cat confused by CD-ROM
Cat vs Cat in a Box
Celestia Being Deep
Children of the Night
China solves a parking problem
Chocobo Theme on an Otamatone
Choo Choo Twain
Christmas Miracle
CIA's Monster Manual
Cinema Sins: Pacific Rim
Claymation music video: Stay Alive
Climbing a 1,700 foot tower
Come Little Children
Comfort food in space
Cookie Clicker: Super Mario Edition
Cows & Cows & Cows
Crazy Car Vent
Crazy Circle Illusion
Creme eggs versus Science
Crime and Punishment in a preschooler's mind
Cup o Soup
Cute Cat Is Desperate For Milk
Cute French Bulldog Puppy
Dachshund Fire Drill
Dancing origami cranes
Darth Vader on a unicycle playing the Imperial March on flame-shooting bagpipes
Dashcam captures tornado
Dat Intelligence
Derpy's Nyan Dance
Derpy's Toy
Design Club - Super Mario Bros: Level 1-1
Destroying piggy banks in slow motion
Diagnosing Santa Claus
Diggy Diggy Hole
Dilemma or Dilemna?
Dinosaur expert critiques dinosaur toys
Dji Death Fails
Do they know it's Christmas?
Does Batman need a new origin?
Dog of Wisdom
Dogs react to a floating sausage
Don't touch Pac Man
Don't wake me up!
Don't want to be late
Doors 2
Dr. Doe's Chemical Kitchen
Dragostea Din Tei -- Cartoon
Drone gets a little too close when gathering footage of an active volcano
Dubstep Dispute
Ducktales! Woohoo!
Earth :: A Global Map
Eat, Fry, Love
Epic how-to: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Epic Wub Time
Erectin' a River
Every Disney Sexual Reference
Everything is A-Okay
Everything will kill you
Everything wrong with Alice in Wonderland
Everything wrong with the Nightmare Before Christmas
Explaining consent using tea
Explaining the technicalities of filming a drug trip
Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing
Extreme forging
Fabulous Secret Powers
Facebook unethical experiment
Facebook users fall for obvious trap
Faire Play
Fantastic things in Space
Feed the Head
Fever the Ghost (music video)
Filmation's Ghostbusters transform (and roll out)!
Final Memories
Find out how many calories the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is worth
Fireworks from above
Fish take over shopping mall
Five Night's At Pinkies 2: the Rap song
Flame gulping engine
Flight School: Day 1
Fluttershy plays can your pet
Fluttershy plays FNAF
Fox go FLOOF
Fox pups discover a doggy toy
Fractal 3D
Friendship is Manly
Friendship is Manly: Equestrian Men
Geckos with Yoshi's sound effects
Giant Vortex Cannon
Gigi D' Agostino: The Riddle
Glass Half Empty
GMM: The Egg Rollie
Goin' to Hell in a Handbasket
Going to the Store
Good news everyone!
Gossamer summarizes anthropophobia
Gourmet Paper Mache
GradeAUnderA discusses Phobias
Halloween at Pinkie's
Happy Armadillo is Happy
Harsh winter weather turns a famous lighthouse into a giant icicle.
Heavy is Einstein
Hellsing's Financial Meeting (ponified)
Heroic rats work to clear minefields
Hidden messages in movies?
Hilarious Muppet Bloopers
Homemade candy sorting machine
Honest game trailers: The Sims
Horror, the Grotesque, and the Macabre: A Christian Appraisal
Hotwheels vs Acid
How 3D Printing Works
How big is space?
How do you f*ck up Tetris?
How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals
How Frozen should have ended
How gamers eat their food
How honey is produced
How many licks does it take?
How rubber bands are made
How Snoopy Killed Peanuts
How to make a homemade taser
How to properly install Linux on your dead badger
How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)
HTTP status dogs
I Hate Minions
I know where your cat lives
I Like Vegetables
I'm Not Gay
I'm so ANGRY
Ice Creams
If Disney movies had been directed by Tim Burton
If Disney Princesses had realistic hair...
If fictional companies held job fairs
If Frozen was a horror film
If I were a pony...
Inceptionism: Going deeper into neural networks
Instant firewood
Interesting facts about LEGO
Is Mario really evil?
It's their fault
Jacksepticeye discovers the secrets of the North Pole
Jar Jar evil
Journey on the Deep Dream
Judge costumes from around the world
Katabasis - The way through Mishicbatllaban
Kelpie Creepypasta
Kidnap the Sandy Claws (She Wants Revenge cover)
Kitkat flavors around the world
Kitten vs Statue
Kompletts robotlager i Sandefjord
Land clearing equipment demonstration
Laser Guided Fish
Last Friday Night -- the Pony Music Video
Lazzi in Commedia Dell' Arte
Left 4 Nicks
LEGO homage to DOOM
Let's boop
Let's make a Latte!
Levan Polka -- with guns
Life without Ponies
Lindzee - Amelymeloptical illusion
Liquid Nitrogen in a vacuum
Llama Song
Locations of goats in the US
Lost Lord of the Rings footage found
Loud, snoring horses
Louis is Riding His Bike
Luke Skywalkedon.
Magic box transforms one cat into another
Magic Soap
Make an Industrial Grade Night Light
Making a full bridge rectifier
Mandelbrot Zoom Animation
Mario is a dirty commie
Markiplier Animated: Stranded Deep
Markiplier on the Pursuit of Happiness
Markiplier reviews Catlateral Damage in a smooth monotone
Medieval scribe's notes reveal a bit more about history than expected
Meet "kleptokitty"
Meet Fanny Flambeaux
Meet the new Nutrition Facts
Meet the Woodech
Melan & Chory
Meskel Square, Addis Abeba
Metal Crusher on Floppies and Hard drives
Metal recycling
Miniguns and Beer Don't Mix
Mission Possible
Most distictive 4 of July songs across the US
Mr. Ando of the Woods
Mr. Knocky
Mr. Rogers shows us how crayons are made
My Little Amnesia
My Little Pony Poka Poka
My Little Pony Remix
My Little Sims, episode 4
Mystery Skulls: Ghost
Nanaca Crash!
Neon Pegasus
Niewinna Zabawa
Nothing can hurt me
O Tannenbaum
Ode to a Superhero
Of vendor lock-in and kitty litter
Opening a portal to hell using chemicals
OREO Wonderfilled
Otto explains the magic of geysers
Out of Context D&D Quotes
Out of Sight
Outrage of the day
Ozymandias, read by Ben Kingsley
Palax Power100S Firewood Processor version 02
Paper is not dead
Particle Mare
Perpetual motion machines
Philip Glass - Geometry of Circles
Phun - Rude Goldberg Machine
Piece of crap sold at auction for $8,500
Pinkie's Brew
Pinkie's Favorite Flavor
PMV: It's Great To Be Different
Point of Light (with lyrics)
Pointer Pointer
Police rush in to stop a man from killing his wife
Polish My Writing
Pony for Milk
Pony parade
Poundland Food Special
Powering the Death Star with Twinkies
Prankster plants fake self-help books at a bookstore; hilarity ensues
Probably the most embarrassing conspiracy theory debunking ever
Programming Sucks
Proof that cats are liquids
Prostheic socket breakthrough
Questions every state asks Google
Rabbit Island
Rainbow Dash makes a seapony pizza
Rainbow Dash's Ear Explodes and then She Honks like a Goose
Rarity needs a Hero
RE-MENT collectables #2
Reading Rainbow checks out how things are recycled
Real Morning Report
Real time lightning map
Red hot nickel ball meets a bar of soap
Reimu and Remilia in Safety Second
Robotboys Dubstepic
Rolling Girl
Royal Arguments
Sand painting: Jesus before Christmas
Sang d'Encre
Scariest Places in the World
Scooby Doo and Fashions
SCP Readings: SCP-368
Screw the Nether
Scroll down to Riker
Secret Song
Serious Luna
SFM: Just Gold
Shady Oak Ministries
Ship -
Shooting things with a miniture cannon
Should we be eating insects?
Showing off a robot hand
Silly Sandwiches of the World
Simon's Cat explains "crazy time"
Sleeping Beauty: Pan and Scan VS Widescreen
SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses
Small Horse
Soldier enters a strange place
Sombra wiggles
Some odd trivia about time and history that might make your head spin.
Somersault of the snow leopard
Something special for the apiphobiacs in the audience
Space Unicorn
Spider Encounter
Spiders tune their webs like a guitar
Spontaneous Sounds/Movements from Contractions of a Diaphragm Targeted at Apparitions of the Dead
Spurious correlations
Squirrel Obstacle Course 3.0 -- Compilation
Squirrel Steals Airplane
Staggering Beauty
Staggering Beauty
Star Wars PSA
Statue outside of a public building causes trouble
Steam shovel bares all
Step on a crack...
Stick Figures on Crack
Still Alive on Mario Paint
Stop motion pizza
Stormtrooper Shuffle
Strange objects found on Mars
Strange Superstitions From Around The World
Submarine Sandwich
Super Hitler Kart
Super Mario Parkour
Super Spice Bros 2
Sweetie Bot: Fear Me
Tactical Pony Incoming
Talking heads
Texts from Super Heroes
Thanksgiving side dishes by state
The 5 Greatest Mysteries of the Internet
The Adventures of Prince Dusk Shine
The Almighty Loaf
The Big Blue Ball Machine
The Big Blue Dress
The Butterfly Dragon
The Concrete Arrows
The Counting Song
The Creepypasta Survival Guide
The Cycle: Carbon and Oxygen and You
The Death Star architect speaks out
The Evil Overlord List
The famous Mad as Hell scene
The firehouse scene from Ghostbusters
The Five Nights At Freddy's Song
The Five Stages of Grief
The Flumpty Jam
The germ handprint
The Golden Arch of the Universe is Long
The Happy Toilet
The History of the Soviet Union -- arraigned to the melody of Tetris
The Horror Movie Survival Guide
The Inner Life of the Cell
The Last Page of the Internet
The lost rivers under London
The machine is hungry
The Matrix has no escape
The most extreme ski line ever
The most ridiculous law in every state
The Museum of Hoaxes
The Oriental Nightfish
The Picard Song
The Power of Empathy
The Rainbow Connection
The Royal Nightmare
The Russian Sleep Experiment (read by CreepsMcPasta)
The Shot Seen Through the Galaxies
The Tabbouleh Song
The Trouble with Transporters
The Unplugger
The Valley (MLP in Real Life)
The way through World of Discord
There's nothing this shredder can't shred
Thermite VS Dry Ice
This is a f*cking website
Three bears vs a pink balloon
Tik Tok (Pony edition)
Times like these
Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pancakes
Tiny hamster eats a little spaghetti
Titanic & Three Russian Bogaturs
Tommy Oliver discusses a very unique card game
Top 10 CREEPIEST Places You Should Never Visit
Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals
Top 10 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Tape
Top 10 Mythological Creatures Yet To Be Proven
Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths in Disney Movies
Top 10 things the original Star Wars triology did wrong
Top 10 TV shows that Jumped the Shark
Top 10 WORST Video Game Worlds To Live In
Top 30 annoying customers in retail
Top 40 amazing weather phenomena
Totaka's Song
Toucan shows off for the camera
Transformers Stopmotion Attack on Giant
True Facts about the Octopus
TV Tropes: Player Tics
Twilight discovers Gen 3 Ponies
Twilight's Coronation
Twilight's Dream
Twlight on a rocket
Uncle Jay explains partisan politics
Unicorn: animated music video
Urban legends profile: the Jersey Devil
Vader hits a homer
Video games don't cause violence; leaded gasoline does
View from a weather camera in Lincoln, Nebraska
Villager News 2
Villain Car Pool
Visual Acuity Test
Visualizing the Fallen of WWII
Want you gone (fan animation)
Warioland 3: Credits theme
Was the Mona Lisa really a 3D composite image?
Watch your head: spider makes its web with a rock.
Weatherman pronounces the impossible
WebGL Fluid Experiment
What Beauty Looks Like
What cats see
What cities would look like without lights
What happens when you crack an egg underwater?
What I had for Dinner
What IS the Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Wave?
What your sleeping positions say about your love life
When I'm Changing
When ocelots attack
When Water Flows Uphill
Which is nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?
Who was the greater wizard: Gandalf, Merlin or Dumbledore?
Why are people scared of the dark?
Why do bees love hexagons?
Why do we eat spoiled food?
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Why Link isn't a hero
Wild cats VS Toilet paper
Winter Wrap Up [HD]
Wintergatan - Marble Machine
Witch Encounter
World Cup -- of food
WWI soldier's room left untouched for a century
Yoda - Rockin' and Rollin'
Yogscast: Hannah plays Shelter
You can't use your iPad for everything
You Might -- Nik Kershaw
Your little pets
Zelda Can't Triforce
[SFM] Burd
[SFM] Envelope
[SFM] Making Science
[SFM] No Strings
[SFM] Taking Flight
[SFM] Very Hot

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