Rendering away
Posted on June 21st, 2018
A good chunk of the day was spent fighting various programs in an attempt to get them to do something they apparently didn't feel like doing. I had an end goal in sight; the problem was getting there. Among other things, I decided to gamble $30 on an alternative method. We'll see how that goes in the future.

I'll be spending the rest of the week working my way through Luke, and knocking a few other things off the todo list.

Link of the day: Happiness

In this animation, the modern day rat race is taken literally and thoroughly dissected.
Progress is slower than desired
Posted on June 20th, 2018
Yesterday I ended up getting too tired to make an entry, and opted to head to bed without it. But, I did make some notes about the day so that I could fill in the details this time around.

To start with, yesterday morning went differently than expected. Dad suggested walking one of the local trails, so instead of staying home and working on things, we headed out for a two mile hike. Afterwards, we stopped at a nearby store. A long time ago, this store was one of the places we'd visit frequently, and among other things, I wanted to see if they still had their amazing rigatoni salad.

They did. They also now carry a range of simple meals (salads, wraps, and so on). So, my lunch yesterday was the rigatoni salad and a buffalo wrap.

During the afternoon, I prepared today's update for Patient 1274, but most of the remainder of the day ended up being spent troubleshooting one of the art programs I use. I eventually resolved the issue, though I'm not sure what the cause was.

Yesterday evening was spent watching Spirited Away while eating steaks dad had grilled for us.

Today was also somewhat busy, but for better reasons.

It began with a short trip to the grocery store for odds and ends, and most of my day was spent either trying to get some 3D stuff to work or preparing a website project using the repaired editor.

Tomorrow I'll take more time to read and quietly work on things. There's just so much to do, as several projects are stuck in a limbo of sorts right now, and they can't progress until other things are taken care of.

Link of the day: Maddie

Summoning demons may not live up to the hype, but the results are still worth it for this kid.
Flipping houses and pages
Posted on June 18th, 2018
Today was a lot like yesterday: study the Gospel of Matthew, play House Flipper, and get bit by the cranky cat I was trying to groom. On the plus side, the mats are finally out of his fur.

This morning began early, as I was up and doing stuff at 4:30am. But, when it came time to actually start the day, we ran a quick errand to the grocery store for random things and a lot of medications. On the way home, we stopped at the gas station for chip dip and I gathered a collection of wonderful things while we were there. Mostly meals; I might be able to stretch these oddities for a few days.

After the gas station, it was time to visit the computer repair center and get Thaddeus diagnosed. We ended up leaving the unit with the tech, and continued on to the Subway next door, where we picked up lunch.

My lunch was a chicken pizzaiola sub again; it's a very nostalgic sandwich for me, as it's a lot like the subs I used to get back in the day.

Shortly after lunch we got a call that the computer had been repaired, so we returned to find out what had gone wrong. To make a long story short, the bios had become corrupted; most likely due to a Windows Update that installed itself Saturday morning. Now that the bios is fixed, Thaddeus is running again.

Unfortunately, there was another problem that surfaced when I got the unit home -- the same update that killed the bios also caused some trouble with the sound drivers. I was able to fix this myself using some instructions found on Google. It wasn't hard to fix, but the sheer amount of lag that the system was dealing with made it profoundly frustrating at the time.

Dinner was less predictable than my lunch: I picked up a large salad and various extra ingredients at the store. This time around, I didn't get the usual mix, as I was in the mood for something sweet, nutty, and crunchy. I went with the Asian mix instead of the Chiptole mix, and it made most of the difference. The use of the sweet & sour dressing instead of a variant of ranch dressing did the rest.

On a side note, it just occurred to me that I accidentally forgot to add one of the ingredients. We now have a spare can of olives, I guess.

While I gorged myself on that, we watched Ice Age: Continental Drift. I can see why there was some criticism over the movie; various parts of the plot were predictable and borderline formulaic. But honestly, who cares as long as you're having fun?

Tomorrow I'm going to have to put together an update for Patient 1274; I'm trying to keep a schedule, and I'm running out of time to get the next post ready. I'll also be starting the Gospel of Mark in the morning. At the moment, my notes on the reading I've been doing is about 270 lines of text, including some URLs I'll need to check out later.

Link of the day: Top 10 Malfunctioning Animatronics

Recently, one of my systems was taken offline by a malfunctioning update. These poor puppets aren't doing well either, as their state of disrepair has led to some freaky behavior.
Reading the manual
Posted on June 17th, 2018
Today was a quiet day -- exactly as planned. Well, not entirely exactly as I was expecting, but quite close. The main difference between plan and execution was that I decided to see if I could get House Flipper running on Martha. Martha barely meets the game's minimum requirements, but I figured it was worth a shot.

And in the end I managed to get it to work fairly well. It's still only ~15 FPS, which is horrific by today's standards, but since there isn't any combat nor is there a need to be concerned about reaction times, it works just fine. The biggest drawback is that the text is hard to read.

The biggest positive however is that the game stores your progress in the Steam Cloud, so I was able to resume where I left off Saturday morning.

My day was spent going between House Flipper and the World English Bible. The plan for the day was to simply read through the Gospels (or as far as I could get) and make notes regarding verses that reflect on the Trinity or other aspects of various doctrines. I opted to use the WEB translation for ease of reading and because it made a nice neutral ground between the more Trinitarian KJV and the JW's NWT.

I also managed to get some of my other notes together and posted a long essay on my YHWH-Seeker blog. While I was working on that essay, something clicked, resulting in an unplanned snarky ending. I had planned on ending the post with some comments on translations, but I realized that there's also a case to be made against a certain theology using the same argument.

In other news, the reason this post uses the bloody bandage icon instead of one of my religious icons is that I had a little extra fun while attempting to comb some mats out of Charming's fur. He was not happy about it, and managed to bite me hard enough draw blood.

Lastly, tomorrow morning we'll hopefully find out what's wrong with Thaddeus. I'm expecting one of three possible outcomes, two of which are going to require replacement parts while I honestly don't know what to do about the third situation. Here's hoping it can be fixed for less than the cost of a new system.

Link of the day: The Nietzsche Family Circus

Cute, innocent comic meets depressed nihilist. Oddly, it works rather well. Keep refreshing the page for more weird mashups.
Long live the system
Posted on June 16th, 2018
Today more or less began with a Bible study. This was largely a review of last week, as I didn't quite remember what we'd discussed earlier. This might have been because I was about to be sick, but I can't be sure.

The big news from today though isn't good news. When I went to lunch, I'd been using Thaddeus and left it idling, per usual. When I came back, the computer was unresponsive and the screen was blank. I haven't been able to provoke a response from the unit since. No bios, no screen, no fans run.

Naturally, since it's the weekend, I'll have to wait until Monday to take it in for repairs. From what I've found online, this could've been a number of things, and there's a chance that the system is dead.

The silver lining here is that I backed up my files very recently, and didn't lose anything too major. I'll be able to continue working with Martha instead, though I don't know how well it'll handle newer games.

On a side note, I'm planning on staying home tomorrow to do some reading and get some writing done.

Link of the day: Banana Switch

Press button, get banana. Or not.
Putting pieces together
Posted on June 15th, 2018
My night could've gone better -- to make a long story short, a certain yellow cat kept me up until around 5am, at which point I gave up and closed the bedroom door. This is generally a last resort, as he doesn't understand or react well to being shut out like that, and there's an issue with my room's airflow that can easily make things uncomfortable when the door is shut.

Most of my day was spent putting together the new tool I wanted to add to my collection. It's completed, and all neatly installed.

Now if I can get some other things out of the way, I'll be able to get a lot of use out of it.

This evening was another movie night, with dad selecting Howl's Moving Castle. Definitely a movie that deserves its spot on people's "best of" lists.

In other news, I decided to publish the one review I have done on God Minded Gaming. It's not much, but it's not like I've had much luck working on them lately. I figure it'll be mid-July before I update if I wait for another review to be done, so I'd better push things out now.

Lastly, I've started taking a look at House Flipper; a game in a similar genre to Viscera Cleanup Detail. The biggest difference is the lack of gore, which is much appreciated. Otherwise, it's almost the same game. Unfortunately, it's also clearly still teething, as it was just released in mid-May and they have some issues to fix. Quite playable as-is though.

Link of the day: 21 Secret Messages in Disney Movies

There's always a hidden message. Even if it wasn't there before. Here's a bunch of examples.
Browsing history
Posted on June 14th, 2018
We'd planned on a very mild "hike" today, and almost didn't get out the door in time to do so. That said, we visited some of the favorite spots at the nature realm, and then did some shopping at the grocery store for goodies and the random thing we might actually need.

During lunch we looked through our pictures, and after lunch I mostly focused on finding some old classics on YouTube for our "movie night". It's my turn, and instead of showing a specific movie, I decided to compile about an hour and a half of well made animations by different people on Youtube.

A long, long time ago, I followed a channel that featured original animators. Unfortunately, it's long gone; I vaguely recall something about copyright issues. Most of the videos went with it, resulting in massive playlists where nearly all of the videos are missing. I did a lot of searching around, and managed to find about 18 videos from way back when.

Most of the day after that has been spent working on a script I need done, but it's not getting done today. I don't have the spoons left for it.

Link of the day: Doors

I noticed earlier that I have Doors 2 in my list, but not the first one. Enjoy this collaboration between many pony animators!
When small tweaks are big projects
Posted on June 13th, 2018
On one hand, I'm feeling better today. No fever or issues beyond some mild cramping this morning.

Or at least, no issues due to having a bug of some sort. Since Monday was both the third day of it and the worst of it, I'm probably over the hump by now, even if it feels like today is Friday.

Today's plan revolved largely around coding. I wanted to create some new tools to help with different projects, as well as fix some bugs that are present in the current toolkit. I had expected this to be a one-day thing, but that's not how it turned out.

To make a long story short, my blood sugar spiked to the 130s during the afternoon. Now, this isn't much for the average person, but for a hypoglycemic guy like me, it's almost double the normal reading. And with that comes confusion, fogginess, and a lot of extra trouble with complex tasks like programming.

One the plus side, the bulk of the work is done. The biggest change was a reworking of the toolkit's menu system, which was needed for a few different reasons, including clarity.

I didn't actually make the new tools as planned; I never got that far. I did get a chance to prototype the more complicated one however, so I not only know what I'm up against, but also have some boiler-plate code to throw at it.

On a different note, I'm noticing that a lot of people around the net are all getting hit with a generic flu right now. I'm really the only one that's been open about the symptoms, but it's hitting like one out of every four people I follow these days. Must be that time of year.

Link of the day: Malfunction

Lately I've been dealing with a flu and the fever that came with it. To commemorate this, here's a fever dream courtesy of cyriak's strange and wonderful mind.
Such fun!
Posted on June 12th, 2018
It turns out I was more than correct in assuming that things were going to be difficult in the near future. To make a long story rather short, Saturday's rumblies in the tumblies turned out to be the start of a lovely little flu.

The past few days have been rather long, and at this point, they blend together. Here are some highlights of this week so far:

• We watched Ice Age 3 ( Dawn of the Dinosaurs ) on Sunday. This was only interrupted once by my bowels, yet we still managed to briefly argue over whether or not allosaurus was a carnivore. For the record, I was correct in stating that they did, in fact, primarily eat meat.

• I've been to the doctor. They're the ones that discovered I had a fever, and was thus actually sick rather than suffering the consequences of eating out too many days in a row. It was also kind of obvious by that point that I was definitely not functioning, as Monday was largely spent without me being alert or oriented.

• The remaining parts for my computer arrived, and with a little help from the repair tech, they were installed and Thaddeus can now play and burn DVDs and blu-rays.

• I've been incredibly sore the last few days, but it's unlikely that this was thanks to whatever bug I've picked up. It's most likely due to the contortions and acrobats required to install the new hardware in Thaddeus' casing. Next time, I'll find a table to work on instead of trying to do everything on the floor.

• I've been exploring some options and concepts regarding SVG handling, and considering how things have gone on DA, it's looking more and more like setting up a new website for the Vector Shoppe project is the best idea.

• Aside from continuing work on Patient 1274, I've also posted an update on the current situation of Ask Delilah. Simply put, it's just more delays as things haven't quite gone according to plan, but once some things are handled, we'll be back in business.

Link of the day: The Legend of the Poop Knife

Since my weekend went to shit, I might as well share this link I discovered today and ruin everybody else's day too.
A day to think
Posted on June 9th, 2018
Friday was a rather heady day, as it mainly revolved around a discussion over the Trinity. During the evening we picked up Jersey Mike's and watched a short marathon of videos by the Super Carlin Brothers.

Today on the other hand, was a mixture of confusion and places to go. When I got up, I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't know where to begin. Adding to that was some lovely cramping.

I spent the early morning poking at different projects with mixed results. One particular idea regarding Poser went horribly wrong in ways that will probably become the basis of future nightmares. Undoing that didn't take long, but you can't unsee something.

Right before lunch, we zipped out to the store for a short list of groceries. Naturally, this also meant lunch and dinner. For my lunch, I picked up a chicken tender snack, a hot dish from the deli that's just a few chicken tenders and some fried potato wedges. The idea was to combine the tenders with things we already have at home to make some tasty wraps.

Dinner was a large salad. Since it was also a movie night, we watched and riffed at the original Wizard of Oz while we ate. For example, Glinda uses clever phrasing to hide that she's saying Dorothy is quite ugly.

And about thirty minutes after the movie ended, I started cramping up again. Joy. As far as I can tell, the main reason I stopped having to make a run for it was because there was nothing left.

In short, tonight and tomorrow morning are shaping up to be a challenge.

Link of the day: The Terrifying Truth About The Wizard of Oz

The Theorizer has some things to say about the classic film -- specifically, the villain actually won.

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