Scripting away
Posted on April 24th, 2018
Today's focus was on getting some coding done -- mainly tweaking some old tools, ensuring that what's on the server and what's in the development folder match, and preparing a few prototypes for some other development later down the line.

In other news, the brony drama has devolved further, making the decision to sever ties with that part of the fandom sound increasingly worthwhile. I've already contacted a few people about the impending deletion of the secondary DA account, and in a few days I'll erase it from the internet. I've already created the new account using an alternate email address, so it's just a matter of getting some content uploaded and some widgets filled out.

Humorously, I'm going to need a little program of sorts to help run that account. I may work on that tomorrow, if there's time. If not, then later this week.

Link of the day: The Creation

This surreal video is about art and the creation of the world. Or at least that's what the description says.
Thinking about things
Posted on April 23rd, 2018
The main event of the day was the weekly service at the local Kingdom Hall. Beyond this, nothing much really happened.

I've recorded some more video of myself playing Minecraft, but I'm going to wait on the new microphone before I start adding commentary or editing it, so the files are just sitting there.

Otherwise, I've been thinking about where I want to go with a few things. For example, I have a secondary DA account I've been using for some miscellaneous stuff. The past few months have involved a lot of very negative drama and scandal in the pony community, and since most of the current content on that account is pony related, up to and including some fanart of some of the people involved in the drama, I've been thinking of starting it over. This would be done by either disposing of certain deviations and renaming the account, or by closing the account entirely and starting a new one. Currently, the latter sounds like the better option, but I'm still somewhat undecided.

There's a ton of other things that need to be done as well. I haven't updated God Minded Gaming in a little over a month, and it would probably be a good idea to get some work done on that. Overall, most things are at a standstill right now.

At least there's some good news on Charming's situation. He's starting to act more like he used to, including getting me up so that he can eat. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

Link of the day: A "normal" road in Nepal

Well that's a whole lotta NOPE. You've gotta be crazy to drive on this road.
Returning to the skies
Posted on April 22nd, 2018
This has been quite the week, and some of the problems that have plagued it are going to be issues for a few more days. So, I decided to spend it quietly playing Minecraft rather than try to shoehorn in some constructive writing.

One reason for choosing Minecraft is that I've been slowly working towards starting a YouTube channel. This isn't intended to be a career or anything, but I'd like to do it well and I'm having troubles with the microphone I selected. I figured some sort of Let's Play / vlogging hybrid would help give me a little experience with the tools I'm going to use, so why not play through Agrarian Skies again?

The first time I played through it, I didn't finish the impossible (and optional) tasks. The second time I tried it, I got distracted with mastering beekeeping and toxic waste disposal and never made it past the first third of the quests. So now I'm going for the big challenges at the end, and I'll be sharing unwanted opinions on various topics as I go.

Assuming I can get a working mic however. After a few months of getting nowhere, I've ordered a different style of microphone off Amazon. I'm expecting it to have mediocre sound quality (you get what you pay for), but it might be worth it if the results are decent enough. The main problem seems to revolve around the current mic being uncomfortable to use; I'm hoping that a more comfortable mic will result in better overall audio.

In other news, Charming is slowly coming around. He's sleeping a lot right now, even for a cat, so the little guy is recovering from the crazy few days about as well as we are.

Link of the day: Flying Bamboo

Felix Colgrave has an impressive and distinctive art style. I've referenced his work before (Fever the Ghost), so here's a cute new animation of his.
Bit of a long day
Posted on April 21st, 2018
Today was a slight improvement over the past few days. Charming is slowly settling down, and returning to normal behavior. In particular, this was the first time since his vet visit that he came downstairs. The downside to this is that he's also dealing with very loose stool, possibly as a side effect from the medication.

This morning began with a trip to Best Buy in order to pick up one of dad's orders. From there, we headed over to the grocery store for various things as well as lunch and dinner. I overestimated how much I was picking up, so I've also got salad supplies for tomorrow.

Today's effort was spent working on adding commentary to the archive of Patient 1274. Once that's done and a few other odds and ends are tidied up, I'll be ready to reboot the blog.

During the evening, we gathered together to watch Disney's Sword in the Stone.

Link of the day: SCP 072

In the world of the SCP foundation, the monster under the bed is quite real, and much more terrifying than previously thought.
Not quite sober yet
Posted on April 19th, 2018
On the plus side, most of the craziness that happened yesterday didn't repeat itself today. The credit card fraud situation was handled before I even got out of bed, for example.

On the down side, Charming's still reeling from whatever the vet gave him. He's not quite as insane as he was yesterday, but that's probably because he knows where his food and litter are now. He's also probably exhausted; at least he's trying to sleep now.

With the exception of a three hour afternoon nap, most of my day was spent in the office, moving a few files around and just trying to relieve some stress by playing a few games. I also took a step that'll probably help in the long run -- I edited my subscriptions on YouTube, dropping the brony analysis channels and adding a few of the weirder content creators out there. The way things have been going, I'd rather listen to somebody that believes we're living in an alternate reality where Atlantis was sunk by aliens than deal with more broken pedestals.

Overall, this isn't turning out to be a week for getting work done on my projects.

Link of the day: Alicorn Day

Celestia sends Twilight a letter with a potion. What will our favorite pastel horse learn today?
I can't sit idly; no I can not move at all
Posted on April 19th, 2018
What a day.

It began with a really bad night. At first it was just the cats going crazy that kept us up, but then around 3:30 AM mom started having bad chest pains. We ultimately managed to settle everything down, though none of us managed to get much sleep before it was time to get up and head off to the doctor's.

The visit itself was fairly straightforward. My blood pressure was fine, ruling out the most likely cause of my recent nosebleeds. After poking around, the doctor prescribed a nasal spray to help with the inflammation and other issues he noticed. On a sad note, the office's little mascot Bella has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They've already adopted a puppy of the same breed, but Geno isn't going to take her place in people's hearts.

While I was being seen by the doctor, mom used my phone to call her doctor and schedule an appointment for herself. So, with only a small window of time open to us, we made a stop at the grocery store to get my spray as well as lunch and dinner.

Before we could eat however, there was another problem. The bank had contacted us concerning a possible fraudulent charge on our card. Getting that taken care of didn't go smoothly, as the number we had for the bank's fraud department has been reassigned to another bank's fraud department. Once that issue was dealt with, the situation was remedied fairly easily. Or so we thought.

After lunch, we headed back out so that mom could see the doctor about her chest pains. On the plus side, it's just her hiatal hernia acting up, not anything too severe like an impending heart attack or something. Obviously, the downside is that it still hurts quite a bit.

Since we had some time to spare, we stopped at the healthy junk food store and gathered up a small amount of tasty loot, and then visited Rite Aid for more treats and the over-the-counter medication that mom's doctor recommended.

And now for the other half of the bank fraud fuck up. The entire thing had resulted from dad trying to purchase a tablet online. The purchase was abnormal for us, so the bank declined the payment and alerted us to possible fraud. While that was cleared up with the bank, it seems that the online store he used didn't get the memo, and wasn't able to complete the order.

This led to additional confusion over what info he'd entered to which service, and so he attempted to use a different card to get the order to go through. This prompted a fraud alert from the other card, for the exact same reason. For more fun, we also received confirmation from the bank that the original payment went through. Just in case this wasn't confused enough, several of the parts dad ordered are labeled as "store pick up only", when he claims they were all to be shipped to us.

Sadly, that's not the end of the day's chaos. Charming has been acting weird all day. The poor guy just won't settle down, nor will he stop drinking and eating. Unfortunately, this escalated to him urinating in his cat bed this afternoon. Whatever he was given at the vet's yesterday seems to be making him high as a kite or otherwise crazed.

We eventually tried moving one of the litter boxes into the office. Charming immediately used it, and has been slowly calming down ever since. It's like he's forgotten that they were moved downstairs over a year ago.

Tomorrow's going to be another fun mess too, as we need to sort out the problem with dad's order.

Link of the day: Discord by Super Pony Beat

While this came out all the way back in 2011, back before the Spirit of Chaos was reformed, it seems to be very relevant to today.
A Charming day
Posted on April 17th, 2018
Okay, first here's some backstory. A few months ago we took the cats in for their yearly checkup, and we were rather horrified to discover that Charming has a dental disease of some sort. As I understand it, this is a genetic / heredity thing, so there's no one-time-fix-all cure. Long story short, he had surgery to have five teeth extracted. This breathed a lot of new life in him, as he wasn't in pain anymore and clearly felt better afterwards.

However, he recently began showing signs that another tooth is going bad. This included flinching when eating or being touched around his muzzle, and bad breath. So, we made an appointment ASAP and today revolved around getting him to the vet.

The good news is that the vet didn't see any obvious signs of problems, so to help with the symptoms we've seen, he gave Charming an antibiotic and a pain killer. Both are long lasting, and should make things easier for a few weeks. We'll be keeping an eye on him in the meantime.

This evening we watched Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings during dinner. For once, we didn't go out and get anything special like Subway or something from the grocery store; instead, we just ate some of the food we have on hand. Considering we overstocked on goodies over the past month, this was something we need to do once in a while.

On a related note, tomorrow morning begins at too early o' clock so that I can see my doctor. Where we go from there depends mostly on whether or not I survive the lecture that I foresee heading my way.

Link of the day: Shrek's day out

This is a fan-made recreation of the first Shrek movie. Sorta. Onions.
Putting the pieces together
Posted on April 16th, 2018
Today doesn't feel like it was that busy, but I'm still finding myself worn out by the early evening.

Most of the the day's effort was spent getting the new pages readied and uploaded to Ask Delilah. This amounted to drawing and writing the new reference pages, new header images, and the new blog icon.

During the afternoon, I focused on preparing some images for a new project that's been slowly coming to life over the past few months. More on that when I'm ready for it to go live.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy enough day on its own, but I'm hoping to get some writing done. If I'm lucky, I'll also have some more 3D modeling and other drawing done by the end of the day.

Link of the day: Tutition Tip

Princess Twilight is having trouble running her new school, so she looks to Celestia for some advice...
Service and sirens
Posted on April 15th, 2018
Another thing that's changed since last January is that I've been attending the services at the local Kingdom Hall fairly regularly. Unsurprisingly then, that's what today mostly revolved around.

The rest of the day was spent working through a few more items on the current todo list. Among other things, all of the old content has been uploaded to the archive Tumblr for Patient 1274. I still have things I need to do before that Tumblr is ready and the original blog restarts, but the delays are over.

During the evening things got a might interesting as my phone decided to start screaming. Firstly, yes, I now have a smartphone. We reached a point where the landline was too much of a liability, so now we each have our own phone. Secondly, the screaming was because a tornado warning had been issued for our area. A few minutes later and the sirens added their voices to the commotion.

Ultimately, all that happened was some loud noises. If there was a tornado, it wasn't around here.

Link of the day: Maruis's cow tipping page

When the internet was new, things were simpler. For example, here's a cow tipping simulator from 1997.
Patient transfers continue
Posted on April 15th, 2018
Today's main events were a shopping trip followed by us watching Twice Upon a Time, but the rest of the day was quite busy as well.

To start with, one of the things I've been meaning to get off the ground for some time now was a reboot of Patient 1274. There have been issues preventing the Tumblr from working out smoothly, and I'm not the only person that's complained about it. Thus, some time ago I started plans to give the Tumblr a makeover. Part of this involves moving the current content over to a new "archive" tumblr, and once this is done, the original Tumblr will be wiped and we'll start over. Most of the story will remain intact; just the format of the updates will change to better accommodate the ways my life has changed since we moved at the end of 2014. Transferring the content over is going about as quickly as can be expected. If you didn't know, Tumblr does have a limit on how much you can upload in a day, and right now, this limit is the main thing stopping me from getting this part of the project done. Once all of the posts have been uploaded, some commentary will be added and this phase of the reboot will be over.

Ask Delilah is also getting a makeover, but the only change is the blog's art style. Basically, the story will continue from where it left off, and the art will be change to use anthropomorphic versions of the cast instead of the original quadrupedal ponies. There's a couple of reasons for this, and on the whole it should result in a better product. The behind-the-scenes changes just need to be completed before updates can resume.

Aside from working on the above projects, I also made a few small updates around, tidying things up and keeping stuff more or less up to date.

The evening was spent practicing 3D modeling; something I've been trying to get better at for a few months now. The piece was completed, and can now be seen over on my DA. Among other things, it's one of the rare occasions where I've taken the time to create a texture map for one of my own models -- most of the time, I just use vertex colors or basic material groups to handle the textures of an object.

Of course, the day managed to end on yet a different note. While I was initially wrapping things up, I popped a squirting nosebleed. By the time it was over, there was blood on the wall, floor, wastebasket, and my shirt. So, after cleaning my face and hands, I had the extra fun of cleaning up the rest of the bathroom. I haven't had issues with nosebleeds for a while now -- possibly due to the fact that my blood pressure has been running on the low end ever since I nearly died last August. Yes, that's not an exaggeration. It was quite an adventure, and one I'll leave for another day.

Link of the day: MUTO

Here's a different sort of art project: a 7 minute video following the adventures of some surreal animated graffiti.

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