Contents under pressure
Posted on August 12th, 2018
I haven't posted an update for the last few days for one simple reason: lately, I've been incredibly angry for little to no reason, and this has colored my view of recent events.

Our best guess for why my mood has been sour enough to make Cave Johnson's lemons seem stable is that my sleeping pattern has gone crazy again, and this is probably screwing with my blood sugar. After all, irritability is a symptom of both sleep disturbances and low blood sugar, so it would make sense if that was the case.

I'm trying to get both under control again (and by extension, regain some control over my emotions), so we'll know for sure in a day or two.

The past couple of days have been fairly busy, as they involved errands, movies, and some other things I'm forgetting at the moment.

Today was almost entirely focused on writing content for God Minded Gaming, with over 1,000 words being written down between two reviews.

I'm not sure what the next week is going to bring, much less tomorrow, so we'll have to see how things go.

Link of the day: Ellen VS Spiders in games

Outside Xtra is a channel on YouTube that's all about interesting stuff in games. So, they decided to have one of their staff rate how scary video game spiders are, with amusing results.
Double day
Posted on August 9th, 2018
Last night, the cats woke me up almost every hour. Around 2am, enough was enough, and I just got up. During the next few hours, I worked on Patient 1274, some coding, and played a few games. Then I went back to bed around 7am.

I actually got up for good around 10am. As it turned out, any plans we might have had were on hold for today, as there was delivery we needed to be home to sign for. Naturally, the window for its arrival was "sometime today", which meant we were stuck listening and waiting.

We also opted to order out for lunch and dinner. The former was from Jet's, and I had a large salad. The latter was from Applebee's, and I tried the chicken Parmesan. While we ate dinner, we also watched Princess Mononoke for the first time.

Link of the day: Kodamas

The kodama are kind cute -- at first anyway.
I love it when a plan comes together
Posted on August 8th, 2018
Most of my day was focused on the coding I mentioned in the last entry. There were some kinks, but they weren't that hard to work around. Everything seems to work so far; all that's left for the prototype is some functional eye candy and polish, and it'll be time to integrate the entire mess into the site itself.

I also prepared the images for the next update of Patient 1274, but didn't take the time to write the entire entry. I figure I'll be getting up early, so I'll tackle it then.

Otherwise, I busied myself with Stardew Valley and YMBAB, for a quiet evening.

Link of the day: 42,000 Matches

What happens when you set more than forty thousand matches alight? It turns out, doing this burns a hole in reality.
Throbbin' gnoggin
Posted on August 8th, 2018
Things went fairly south today, as I developed quite the headache after lunch. This was something of a migraine, and it was enough to make doing anything fairly difficult.

I ultimately opted to go to bed early, though I ended up waking up three hours later with the headache still going. Some medication and silence later, and it's not as severe as it was.

On the positive side, I managed to work out a solution to a coding issue I've been dealing with for days. Actually implementing this solution is something I'm leaving for tomorrow however.

I'm also going to see about getting the next update for Patient 1274 ready, and if time permits, more work on Delilah's new puppets.

Link of the day: How do you pronounce NES?

It's one of the great debates of all time: should NES be pronounced en-ee-es or "ness"? Leave it to Nintendo to throw a monkey wrench into the debate.
Looking back
Posted on August 6th, 2018
Today was one of those days where it doesn't seem like much of anything was accomplished until you look it back over.

The big accomplishment of the day was work on VectorShoppe's scripts, which was much more difficult than expected. There's more to do, but now that the basics are working, the rest shouldn't be quite so hard to code in.

Another noteworthy thing that happened today was that I was able to put the time I've spent playing House Flipper to good use -- one of mom's necklaces slipped off and fell down the drain. Thanks to all of those sinks I've put together, I had a good idea of how to disassemble the plumbing to fish it out safely.

Speaking of House Flipper, I gained the last achievement this evening, effectively 100%ing the game, and branding me as one of the top 0.1% of players of the game.

Link of the day: As the Thunder Rolls By

A few days ago I stumbled across 4everfreebrony, a brony musician whose music is reminiscent of the Moody Blues. Here's one of his original pieces.
Magical glowing rocks
Posted on August 5th, 2018
Yesterday was primarily a waiting game. The morning was shot because we couldn't make the day's plans without knowing when dad would get home from an appointment, and once a few things were done in the early afternoon, there wasn't time to start anything detailed before dinner. As it was a movie night, there wasn't time for much after dinner either.

Today, the day was more free, and a few more things got done. We spent the morning walking a new trail and doing a little shopping, while the evening was taken up with another movie night. In the interim, I focused on getting some work done.

Lately I've been focusing on the new puppets for the revamp of Delilah's tumblr, but I've also been doing some thinking.

I haven't done much with 3D in a while, and if the few readers of this blog remember, earlier in the year I was planning on using 3D for a YouTube project. With the success of the new humanoid puppets, I've been thinking it might be better to use specially made Flash puppets for that project instead of 3D models. This is mostly a case of reducing the workload, but it's fairly obvious that I'm not getting to it anytime soon.

Of course, since many of the people that had inspired that project have been outed as rapists, pedophiles, pedophile enablers, plagiarizers, or even outright thieves, perhaps it's a good thing that this project isn't going anywhere.

Link of the day: Your friends are assholes, Charlie Brown

This is the sort of thing I stumble across when looking up something innocent on Google.
Been a while
Posted on August 3rd, 2018
The main plan for the day was to get God Minded Gaming updated. This ran into some trouble early on, as I decided to do a short workout after breakfast. While I did grab a snack afterwards, and also checked to make sure my blood sugar was staying steady, I was shaking too much to type anything.

The shaking stopped about half an hour before lunch, so I opted to do the update afterwards. Finishing it took up the bulk of the day, as there were three reviews and multiple slang entries to touch up.

On the downside, this also meant there wasn't time to work on Patient 1274's next update. I have two more days to put it together though, so I'm not too worried.

Meals were interesting today. On one hand, I need to eat some of the stuff we have at home. On the other hand, it seemed like a really good idea to try and repeat yesterday's dinner. Thus, I opted for a "best of both worlds" approach, and ordered side dishes to go with the homemade burger I'd have for lunch and a salad for us to split at dinner.

There were two problems with this approach. Firstly, I misguessed the serving size to price ratio on the french fries. The $1.50 "side of fries" sounded like it would hardly have any fries at all, so I ordered the $2.50 "basket of fries", assuming this was a standard sized basket like some restaurants use to serve rolls (ie, just slightly larger than a hot dog bun).

I was wrong.

I ended up with more fries than would fit in your average child's lunchbox, and decided to split them between lunch and dinner.

The other problem was that the salad was considerably smaller than the one I'd ordered yesterday. The main reason for this is that today's order was from a different restaurant, and apparently they don't make their salad bowls that big. I'd suspected this was possible, as their salads also don't cost as much. Nor was it as good as the one from yesterday, to be honest.

So. All I know about tomorrow is that we'll have a movie night, and likely will order out for dinner. No idea what we'll do for lunch, and even less of an idea of what the afternoon will bring.

Link of the day: Beep Beep I'm a Sheep

There are strange people online, as this viral video from 2017 clearly shows.
Funny how that worked
Posted on August 2nd, 2018
Shortly after getting up this morning, I had a thought. A sausage pizza sounded good. However, I wasn't sure mom would be ok with me ordering out without a reason, so I figured I'd wait and see where the day was headed before asking.

...and then she slept in until 9:45am. This meant that her morning was off-schedule and rushed. On top of this, she didn't have a plan for dinner. Thus, my suggestion of ordering out was practically a godsend. So by the end of breakfast, I'd scheduled a delivery that would provide pizza and pop for my lunch, and other things for dinner. That went together almost uncannily easily.

Hilariously, at dinner she suggested doing something similar tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, as I'm undecided about it at the moment.

My day was spent going between various projects, with three reviews almost ready to go for God Minded Gaming, the new puppets for Delilah's revamp tweaked and ready, and I even made some small tweaks to VectorShoppe's code during the day.

My main plan for tomorrow involves more drawing, and possibly the preparation of Patient 1274's next update or two.

Link of the day: How America uses its land

Time for some perspective: this series of charts uses statistics to paint an interesting picture of what makes up America.
Little of this, little of that
Posted on August 1st, 2018
I was up for a bit during the night again, though I managed to get back to sleep easily enough. This meant that the main goal of the day would be to stay up reasonably long, so that my sleeping pattern would shift back to a more diurnal arraignment.

Throughout the day, I poked at various projects to mixed success. The new puppets needed for 1274 and Delilah are done, though the latter have some issues I'll need to address before they can actually be used for much. I might also need to expand them with more viewpoints, which will make things take longer.

In other news, my attempt at unsubscribing to the mail order goodies I've been getting ended up not working; both renewed this morning despite the fact that neither were listed via the manager. I'll need to do some investigating in the near future and try again.

Link of the day: For everyone to see

In this short clip, a kid draws their friend a picture, and their friend responds by putting it on the fridge.
Locked up tight
Posted on July 31st, 2018
Today was a bit mixed. The main problem was that I'd gone to bed super early, expecting to take a short nap and then resume work on stuff. Instead, I slept for nearly eight hours, and threw everything off. Most of the night was spent poking at various things halfheartedly, before I went back to bed at 5:30am.

I got back up around 9:20am, and the day more or less went as normal. The main goal for the day was to get Patient 1274's next update done, and that was taken care of by the afternoon.

Most of what remained of the day was spent trying to get my stuff certified. The first major obstacle was that the only free service I found wasn't compatible with the hosting company I use, and this meant that I'd have to do things the hard way. The very hard way: the software I'd need to use is only available for Linux, so I needed to create a Linux virtual machine, something this system isn't very good at running.

After installing Linux and the required software, I had to figure out how to use the latter correctly. I eventually worked it out, and now all of my domains are capable of being delivered over a secure connection. If I did things correctly, renewing the certificates should be a matter of "click the button" rather than going through all of this hassle.

Of course, none of my sites actually need to be delivered over a secure connection. However, various tech firms including Google and Mozilla are more or less forcing the issue, believing that it'll make the internet safer. I can understand their concerns, but my sites are generally read only -- the user isn't prompted for anything, nor is anything meant to be sent to the site by the user. Thus, there's nothing to secure.

But, this is their ballpark, so I'll play by their rules.

Link of the day: Tainted Goods

This random salesperson has some truly magical things for everyone to buy. They make great pets too!

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