Posted on February 11th, 2010
This morning was spent downtown for the regularly scheduled visit with the psychiatrist. On the way there, some bloody moron opened their car door into on-coming traffic and casually stepped out of their car facing away from traffic while yakking away on a cell phone. The road was covered in slush; had there been a car in the lane next to us we wouldn't have been able to stop or swerve and would've nailed him.

The psychiatrist was more concerned with the recent problems I've been having with fats than the doctor was; he's ordered a number of extra tests to see what's going on. Other than that it was a typical visit.

Lunch was at the local Italian restaurant. Their prices have gone up noticeably since the last visit; everything was about $0.50 more than it had been. We might not be visiting there as much; there comes a point when the price outweighs the quality of the good.

During the afternoon mom's inability to navigate LiveJournal caused a bit of strife. I knew of a community she'd be interested in, and I'd given her both the name of the community and a link to it, but she somehow ended up somewhere completely different. She keeps saying LiveJournal is "complex" and "complicated". Frankly, I don't see how that's the case, and got a bit aggravated over it. Neither of us really understood why I got angry over it, so I tried to work it out.

The best I came up with was that it was akin to gramps going to the store and not returning, only to be found wandering on the interstate in a neighboring county (a sign of senility). I've always had trouble with my parents acting in a manner that resembles confused old people, and they know this.

I told mom this, and it didn't go over very well. She spent the rest of the day in bed.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the hard drive and skimming TV Tropes while thinking about what to do next.

The link for the day is the newest Simon's cat, fresh off the presses.

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