2009 In Review
Posted on January 4th, 2010
2009 was a fun year...

We started out by moving to the new place on New Year's. January began with unpacking and getting the place fixed up. That was quite a month: LiveJournal laid off a lot of staff, Yuoo Fox committed suicide, I had a root canal thanks to an abscessed tooth, the peanut recall began and I began dealing with scars left over from my traumatic High School experience. Additionally, the horrific death of Sonak from ST:TMP became an unbidden recurring thought. On the plus side, we discovered the local healthy junk food store.

In February I recreated my Fursona as an Armadillo to reflect a more honest set of my character traits, we had more dental work done, a fire started on our street, our ISP discontinued our email addresses abruptly, and Pov's low white cell count led to suspicions of him having leukemia. Additionally I discontinued my project called Linkfest as nobody (including me) cared about it.

March saw us looking at a possible visit by a demon, more dental work, my kidneys showing signs of damage and my backup discs showing early signs of failure. On the plus side, we gained the exercise bench and the new grill. Also, Sonak's death had stopped recurring around this time.

April was largely uneventful save for the air conditioning dying and yet more dental work.

In May we started making regular trips to the local nurseries and my medications were changed to stop or slow the kidney damage.

In June there was more dental work done. My comic shifted from being in color and a weekly update to being in grayscale with a thrice a week update schedule. We also spotted the hawk for the first time.

During July I moved to beef jerky as my afternoon protein source and began checking out various Animes such as Chocotto Sister, Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh.

August saw the introduction of my cane, the purchase of Doom, and the launch of Fur and Faith 3.0. Additionally, this was the month I managed to byte my crown in two.

September saw a lot of dental work as a result of that incident. Additionally I switched to protein powder as the jerky was now considered a bad idea. During the middle of the month I began downloading tons of files from Photobucket.

In October I started having trouble maintaining blood sugar levels and thus roller-coasting again. Geocities also shutdown during this month, taking a lot of the web with it.

In November we picked up a freezer during this month, and I acquired the GP2X and Wiz.

December was extremely quiet and over quickly.

Over the course of the year my diet shifted towards more and more fatty foods and starting November 1st I reaped the results. Namely, I spent the time either trying not to vomit or having BMs the size of Nebraska.

The vast majority of the year was spent working on Playpen, which ultimately went nowhere. Additionally, we ran errands and ate out an alarming amount of the time. 2009 was a busy year and not exactly a productive one. Hopefully 2010 will be less busy and more productive.

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