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Posted on October 22nd, 2007
Today was one heck of a ride, and I'm very beat. Thus this entry will be more brief than originally intended. However, I'm still going to include the rant I was thinking about last night.

Yesterday morning was going to be a chips and movie morning. We'd planned on watching The Nightmare before Christmas, but to my surprise my parents had secretly acquired a copy of The Transformers (2007) on DVD and put that DVD in the machine instead of Tim Burton's Halloween film.

So I've finally seen the movie people have been either raving or bitching about. Many of the parts were handled better than people had claimed; for example I could follow the climatic battle easily and for the most part the humans were just about as annoying as they ever are in any Transformers series. The biggest complaint I have is one of the lines (and I'd like to do worse than wee on a certain member of Sector 7's personnel). Many of the positive comments, like the fact that Frenzy is hilarious, stand up however. Sounds like too many people expected G1 deluxe or something.

Before I watched Transformers (2007) I thought that Small Soldiers had the worst line in cinema history. The kid, alannowshutup, is claiming that toys they had for sale decked his parent's store. The mom's remark, "Are you on crank?" is warranted as it sure sounds like he found the stash of some really good stuff, but there's a problem. Who the hell ever calls it "crank"? "Crack" yes, "crank" no. For my credentials in this matter allow me to remind everyone that I attended public high school. They called it "crack"! The use of the word "crank" for the illegal rocks grates on the ears and breaks the rather important scene in my opinion.

And then I watched Transformers (2007). The mom's lines about "Sam's Happy Time" were pretty damn inappropriate. Considering Sam has been claiming the car was alive repeatedly and acting bizarrely all of a sudden, I'd be thinking he had a few hits off of Alan's stash. The idea that he'd been yanking his chain is rather hard to come by given that information. Drugs makes sense; sex doesn't. So why take that path? The camera didn't hover on Mikaela while she was "fixing the car" long enough? Seesh.

Yesterday returned to normal routine until around 5:00 PM. One of my brothers and his wife dropped by for a visit. As they live in another state, these visits are very rare. We talked until about 10:30 PM, making for a busy and funny evening. The topics of the conversation included their son's rather questionable choices of dates, family troubles, my brother's driving habits, his job, their cat, things online, and the barely functioning buzzer system the apartment complex uses. That was a very pleasant surprise, abet an exhausting one.

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