Posted on October 20th, 2007
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a puzzle in my programming today. Basically I needed a simplistic parsing engine and worked to both write this engine from scratch and perfect it so that bad input behaves nicely. Ultimately I succeeded; stuff I learned from reading that compiler theory ebook a while back is largely to thank for that.

In the meantime I really poked around a lot online today. Hence there's enough clickies in this post to cover about three days worth of underlined blue text.

First off is a rather telling look at how Crystal Meth degrades the user's appearance [link no longer exists].

In the course of looking something up I ran across a nifty list of names of fears. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

A discussion about quotes on UF resulted in me picking up two links. The first is a listing of quotes and the second is a searchable database of Babylon 5 quotes.

Somewhere along the line I found a site about an artist that sculpts using cardboard and glue.

One of the things going around the net today was a hilarious video about a cat who just wants fed. This prompted me to locate a few additional cat videos.

A cat named Nora is famous for playing the piano.
Four kittens and an empty box are fun to watch.
If you thought a cat playing piano was weird, check out this cat that enjoys eating melons. The last cat related link I have right now is a page explaining why cats don't care about sweets. Have you ever tried cat kibble? That stuff is NASTY. That article answers why pretty simply.

Lastly there's another item that flew around the net today. The author of the Harry Potter books has revealed that Dumbledore is in fact gay. Personally, I'm not too surprised. Most of the traits I'd want in the ideal headmaster are effeminate and therefore queer as a three dollar bill, and Dumbledore has many of these traits. My only concern about the sex lives of the Hogwarts staff is that they hold the correct wand during class.

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