There and Back Again
Posted on October 18th, 2007
Today started with a trip to the vet. Pov spent the day there for some mild surgery (teeth cleaning and comb out). Later this evening Midnight also went to the vet for his check up. Surprisingly, he needs his teeth cleaned.

On the way home from dropping Pov off we visited the grocery store for tricker treat treats and some donuts.

I spent the time between lunch and taking off again attempting to program. I mean attempting: I had a horrid time of it, coding about one line every 7 or 8 minutes. When I became so frustrated over being unable to code a basic function that I started shaking I decided to back off a bit.

Shortly after that it was Midnight's turn to visit the vet. In the course of catching Midnight I shut the door to mom's room. This wasn't atypical; the fact that it locked itself certainly was. We ended up having maintenance unlock the thing.

Pov came home with Midnight, and mom spent most of the evening trying to comfort him.

Late in the day I decided to poke around some of my old backups and uploaded several archives that looked interesting. Among the files in the archive are some 2005-ish code tests for text mode games. These were failures and now that I have more experience plus one text game under my belt I can guess why. Perhaps the biggest error in this old code is that it's using a Windows/DOS toolkit; this code was written for and under Linux. Another bit of horror in the program is the use of an unnecessary library and a few GOTOs. I might consider recoding this tomorrow evening.

I collected several links today.

This first link is a page I had bookmarked in those old backups: The Picture of Everything.

Today's choice YouTube video is a music video that uses some unique animation.

Thanks to a military exercise gone horribly wrong the NRA's well known saying has been disproved. It used to be that guns don't kill people -- people kill people. That's no longer the case. Also, the 3 laws of robotics are MIA.

On a happier note, I ran across an article on an interesting mathematical symbol. Called Metatron's Cube, it's built in part from another symbol: the Flower of Life. Also note the talk page about this article -- something is rotten in Denmark.

Speaking of rotten, here's a classic Halloween flash game: Hangman. "Are you having fun yet?"

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