Calm before the storm
Posted on October 17th, 2007
Today was spent reading stuff online; there were several LJs and threads that kept me occupied for a few hours. I spent a good amount of my remaining time working out some ideas for a future software project.

Early in the day we moved one of the bigger cat carriers out of the storage locker. Nobody noticed this until about half an hour ago. We need it ready because of Pov's early morning appointment, so I'm hoping he forgets it's there in the next 12 hours.

The only other news of the day was that the unexpectedly spicy chicken from the other day said hello, and this was a serious biohazard. Despite spraying air freshener the fumes overpowered half of the apartment before anyone thought to switch on the exhaust fans. I pity the seagulls that live on the roof of this apartment; they must have dropped like flies.

I doubt that everyone reading this here or on LiveJournal wants to focus on my adventures in the little dragon's room, so here are ab bunch of links I ran across today.

Early on I ran across a website called Is It Christmas?. It's a rarity that one can get such a simple answer to a question online.

On a humorous note, scientists are buying lots of PlayStation 3s. I've heard of things like this before. Today's consoles are just fancy computers -- super powerful computers at that. Hence why scientists buy them: they are very high quality and run Linux.

Before you make plans to travel, remember that Belgium doesn't actually exist.

A real find today was a blog entry by an Atheist that explains why atheists are so angry. Some of the things mentioned, like being considered a second-class citizen by the President or not allowed to perform jury duty remind me of officially promoted racial discrimination.

YouTube has two things of interest today:
A German video about practical jokes and a video showing how outsourcing works.

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