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Posted on October 16th, 2007
On the 12th I sent in my application, and yesterday night it was accepted! One of the world's largest free open source software sites is now hosting that arcade style game I've been working on. This is a major victory for me and a huge boost for my software career (such that it is).

The game and its Linux and Windows binaries are to be found here.

It was a royal pain in the butt to upload the files. There's no web-based upload system, and the documentation seems to take pains to avoid answering the question "how do I upload my files?" . Eventually I found the answer: FTP or SFTP. Neither of which I've ever used. They weren't that hard to figure out, but I had to look up a client online and install it before I could use either system.

While it was frustrating as heck to find the answer in the documentation, the FTP client may prove useful: it's compatible with this site, and I can manipulate the files on this server much easier and faster than I can with the site-provided control panel.

In other news today began with a trip to the grocers. Since none of the fresh chicken we've prepared has ever cooked properly in this oven, we're going to try substituting prepared chicken. I picked up a bag of store brand Buffalo Chicken Tenders, some thing I had been getting at the store's deli. To my surprise these bagged tenders are very spicy hot. The deli's version is only tangy, not even mildly spicy hot.

Today's vet trip was Little One. Aside from the fact that he's long out grown that name the doctor didn't find anything serious going on and pronounced Little One healthy.

Tomorrow has no errands planned, so there's at least a little calm in this storm.

While I wasn't on the computer very long today I did locate two odd videos.

The first is the UserFriendly link of the day for today. It's a flash animation that is one smooth trip. It's called Ball of Being.

The other video is takes everything a mother says in 24 hours and sings it to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

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