Posted on October 15th, 2007
I've been thinking about Fur and Faith a lot recently. My muse is quiet on this front, and I think I'm figured out roughly why. I took Fur and Faith offline for revision back in May. Since then, I really haven't had much downtime. Things got crazy as we started preparing for the move. My hospitalization, though short, constrained things further. Then the move itself and the ten million errands and appointments that followed. Continuing the theme, dad got into two car accidents and quit his job (which was making very disturbing moves -- odds are he'd have been laid off if he'd stayed). Now add to that the three of us don't react to stress the same way: dad gets cranky, mom bursts into tears with little provocation and I grit my teeth and wish they'd both STFU.

Programming is more of an escape than writing, thus I've been abnormally productive in that regard. It's also what my muse wants to focus on at the moment.

Things aren't slowing down soon though. Today was a trip to the vet for Pov's annual check up. His teeth look rather bad, and the fact that my hygiene habits aren't the worst in the house is a sign of the coming Apocalypse. He'll get his teeth cleaned on Thursday. Tomorrow Little One goes to the vet, and it's Mightnight's turn Thursday evening. Midnight's teeth are in perfect condition -- we see them often enough to know.

After the vet trips there are more appointments lined up. Wee.

Three oddball links for the day.

First up is Holly Dolly's new video. Bobby McFerrin she's not.

Next up is something a little more spooky. It seems that John Paul II is still making the rounds. A bonfire in his honor to mark the second anniversary of the pontiff's passing looks quite familiar.

Lastly here are two examples of taking things a little too literally. In computing the term "mirror" refers to an exact copy of a site, but hosted elsewhere. These redundant sites exist to ensure that the content is available if the parent site goes down for some reason. However, these two "mirror" sites have a different spin on the term. Meet Lapyap and elgooG. The latter is actually usable, if bizarre.

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