Furnace Frolics
Posted on August 2nd, 2007
Today was more than a tad busy. First of all, I only managed to get 6 hours of sleep -- about half of what I need to function at my best. The morning began like a typical bad hair day. Wires popped out of their connections and reconnecting them strained my Yoga skills.

Dad loaned me a fan of his, which also required a bit of abnormal bending on my part to set up. It's attached to the lamp I've been using.

The morning went in an unexpected direction when mom suggested trying the nearby Hunan restaurant. Naturally we got lunch there. Their menu was a little different, but overall it was very good. They don't have Teriyaki chicken, but they do have a spicy teriyaki beef and chicken nuggets. Their steamed dumplings were disappointing, so next time I'll get the fried dumplings to see if they are any better.

The service people were here and gone by mid evening. We now have a couch in the living room. For added fun, this couch reclines.

Although it was a tad late, mom and I went and did the bi-weekly shopping. We used a rolling hamper we bought a while ago to carry the groceries to the apartment. My dinner was a small cheese pizza I picked up in the freezer department.

The bad news is that the furnace is not fixed. The detected temperature is 10 to 15 degrees higher than the temperature really is, so the damn thing runs constantly. The real trouble is that it doesn't cool things off, so the apartment is a lovely 85 F all of the time. Plus, the furnace has begun making a loud high pitched whistling sound. As a result, we've turned it off and are resorting to other methods of cooling off (namely our various fans and our windows are open slightly).

The apartment's furnace repairman will be here in the morning to fix the flipping thing.

Despite the numerous things going on today I managed to code the stuff I wasn't able to work on yesterday. Both prototypes are done and work. The real shocker was how fast they worked -- they are about four times as fast as the earlier versions of that software. They also have a bunch of additional features; in most cases these new features automated tasks that had to be done by hand in earlier versions. I also discovered a limitation of the software; though this limit is largely ignorable. The problem is that a large resource may become too big to fit in memory. I worked out an equation to detect if the resource will expand too far, so I can make the program abort in a more user friendly manner.

If I get a chance tomorrow I'm going to code the final version of the program. In the meantime I'm going to focus on staying cool.

In my browsing of the internet today I found exactly one thing worth mentioning (a sure sign that I didn't spend much time online). It's a clip of silly antics from Ice Age 2.

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