One long day
Posted on October 8th, 2007
When it comes down to it, I'm pretty much a stereotypical Aries. I'm a work-a-holic, and on days like today it's rather apparent. The plan for the day was to NOT work on any of my projects. Thus today ended up being the day that time stood still.

Early in the day mom ran an errand and bought an oven thermometer. Things take an abnormally long time to cook in this oven, and we think we've found out why. The oven is about 75° C lower than the temperature is set at. Fortunately mom found the manual for the oven so we can adjust it ourselves.

In the early evening one of mom's friends and her husband dropped by. They are seriously thinking about moving to an apartment and wanted to take some measurements to ensure their stuff would fit. The whole event was pretty hilarious: both of them are extremely excited about it. They've got a bug alright.

My day was spent trying to avoid my usual activity: work. I pretty much have to make an effort to do something other than work on a project. I played a number of rounds of Shisen Mah Jongg, played the original Metroid (rather badly) and beat most of the apprentice towers in Mystic Towers. Naturally, I spent a lot more time than usual looking at stuff online. Oddly, I didn't find much worth linking to.

The current hot topic at the Christian forum is about different Bible translations. When people casually read the Bible they tend to prefer one translation or another. I prefer the KJV and NIV, but when studying the Bible I use a plethora of translations. I ran across two rather unique translations of the Bible today. These are the LOLCat translation and the Skeptic's Annotated Bible. The later is a copy of the KJV with footnotes by an atheist. While it appears to simply be a site mocking the Bible, the point of the site (according to the FAQs) is simply making a person think.

Yesterday's YouTube video about nuclear contamination was pretty cheerful about the grim subject. However, it's not the most cheerful nuclear holocaust video out there. Thanks to the warped mind of Weird Al, Christmas at Ground Zero is the happiest nuclear holocaust video out there. The turtle in this post's userpic also cameos in that video.

While I spent the day trying not to work, my antlered, eared and wingless doppelganger worked at a full service gas station in today's Sinfest.

Lastly while I didn't write or code anything for any of my projects, I did cook up a large number of ideas involving them. In order to implement these ideas, both the roguelike and Fur and Faith need re-done once again. On the plus side they will be better with this change.

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