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Posted on October 5th, 2007
My day was spent working on most of the projects I've been working only lately. The roguelike needs to have its code trimmed or redone as it's a bit disordered and there are functions that are never called and will never be called. Fur and Faith is further along, but I've not been in a writing mood lately and thus it's been lagging. The PC Project was planned out further and in more detail. The BrickVM project even saw the light of day for a bit.

The day was made more interesting thanks to the number of flies that descended into my room. No less than six flies buzzed about the room. I tried opening the window to let them out, but they didn't notice the fresh air at all. Unfortunately several bees and wasps noticed the non-fresh air and made for the open window. I quickly shut it, and none of them got in. After dark the flies focused on my lamp. A few tried to walk on or stand on the light bulbs which resulted in the expected tap dancing routine. Overall they seem to be on their last legs; all but two of them have disappeared, and the two remaining haven't moved in hours.

A little while ago I was glancing at my site's logs and discovered that about six people where being rather mischievous. They appeared to be poking at the site like they were looking for a way to hack it. In particular they were visiting directories where popular scripts install themselves -- none of these scripts are installed on this site, so all of these visits resulted in 404 errors. They kept checking these URLs over and over as if something different would happen if they kept trying. I debated about setting these directories to redirect to goatse or somesuch (a very rude surprise for some very rude guests) but in the end I just blackholed them. If'n you can't access this server and don't know why, you just discovered the why.

The link harvest for today was rather rich in weirdness.

First up is Bullet Proof Baby, a site selling armor and protective gear for the very young. Of interest is a taser (stun gun) for toddlers. I'll leave the decision about which end the kid is supposed to be on up to the reader. FYI: this is a movie's viral ad and is not a real store.

In other news, sabertooth cats just got their dignity dented. First person to inform Diego of this is invited to a cookout in their honor.

On the religious end of things the catholic church in California has come up with a controversial method of raising funds to pay the damages awarded by the court to the victims of baby-bonking. That kid's taser would've come in handy. Also, in celebration of World Animal Day, one priest blessed the pets and even the teddy bears of the faithful.

Lastly I have three YouTube videos to pimp. The first two are two additional variants of "This is Halloween": one in French and German.

The third video is simple fun. Klingons and Starfleet Personnel competed with Furries in a bowling match. Here's a video of the event. The comments are rife with examples of anti-furry behavior online. You'll notice the Furries are the evil freaks, and that almost nobody is insulting the Klingons. These comments really appear out of place with a silly video like this, and thus highlight what the problem really is.


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