Of teeth and tolerance
Posted on October 4th, 2007
Most of the day was spent in the dentist's office. Mom's 45-minute appointment turned into a 2 hour appointment. Part of the problem was that the lab making the bridges and other false teeth royally messed up: all such items received by that office were poorly made. In fact, one of the other dentists called in to the lab and complained using choice words over the front desk's phone (in front of everyone in the waiting room). Lovely.

On the way home we stopped for a few things at a Rite Aid. I picked up a Mt. Dew -- a rather large Mt. Dew. Instead of the typical 20oz bottles they had 1 Liter bottles.

When we got home I fixed some Lipton mac and cheese. This ended up resulting in the biggest mess I've ever made in a kitchen (counting the exploding Co Co Wheats and the smores that blew a hole in the microwave). The microwave scrubbed clean, as did the horrid-looking cookware. The oven mitts are permanently stained however.

This evening was largely taken up by a large rant about the state of today's entertainment. It used to be "relaxation" was relaxing, ie restful. Today relaxation is an constant adrenalin rush. One of the examples I thought of was Aeris Gainsborough's on screen death in Final Fantasy 7. Naturally enough that "cut" scene is on YouTube. The leading lady, hero's love interest and last bastion of hope for the world died like this midway through the game.

The rest of the evening was devoted to coding the roguelike.

Links for today come in two flavors: stuff to read and stuff to watch.

First off, here's the rant I mentioned a moment ago. Then there's this nifty tale from a D&D player about the evils of the game.

The other thing to read is this article about a RIAA lawsuit verdict. Frankly I'm with the RIAA on this one. Those files didn't just magically upload themselves. But people are freaking out (as the comments on that page attests) because the evil RIAA is going to eat babies alive or somesuch super evil. To be honest I'm way more concerned about the twit with the nuclear football.

Lastly I ran across videos of a Japanese version of The Nightmare Before Christmas' two songs, This is Halloween and What is this?, while browsing the Furry Christian forum today.

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