Another day another errand
Posted on October 3rd, 2007
The main event of today was a trip to see an attorney about SSI. The gears are turning, even if it'll be years before they bear fruit.

Back at home I spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to do a trick that may well assist the PC Project. Granted, I've got a lot to do in that regard, but I at least know what needs to be done and how.

I also did a little coding for the roguelike, but I think I need to completely redo the monster logic. KISS works best when it's actually put in to practice after all.

Tomorrow we get to drive back to the boonies for another dentist appointment.

There's a fair amount of interesting stuff on the internet today.

In London a Thai restaurant's chili recipe was truly weapons grade. Sounds delicious, but I'll bet it's not on my diet.

A family that was featured on Supernanny discovered that a "time-out" on the "naughty stool" only works to a point.

If that wasn't enough damage for you, check out this page on destroying Earth.

A hypocritical video surfaced today. This video is a warning against the beauty industry and it makes a good point. However the video was made by a member of said industry. Pick your battles.

Everyone loves New York, but only a read masochist would build a model of the city out of LEGO bricks. My fingers were raw and bleeding just by putting together the LEGO soccer set. The person that made that must've worn thick gloves.

Lastly, we're used to seeing rip offs of popular stuff. Capitalism has always favored copying ideas from successful, original things. Shortly after the Dark Crystal came out, a Spanish company copied it with a TV series called Los Aurones. It sucked for a number of reasons (poor puppeteering, cheap designs etc). But it had a dinosaur like creature and a character that could fire beams out its hands. The beams turn people into anthropomorphic fruit. Here's the show's opening credits. Other segments are listed in the related videos section of the page. Personally I kinda like the designs of the characters; better acting might have saved this freak of nature.

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