Time for a Dark Crystal reference
Posted on September 29th, 2007
Today was spent with relatives before and at my cousin's wedding.

Since this is gonna be a biggin' I'm going to do a favor for those on LiveJournal and place everything behind a cut.

The first event of the day was a visit from another cousin, an uncle and an aunt. While dad took the latter two out on the balcony, mom and I talked with my cousin. At one point I carried my computer over to the living room where we were talking and we watched a few videos of her being interviewed online. She also showed us her and her SO's Deviant Art accounts, which I bookmarked for later.

Since she is notable for her costumes of Transformers, I showed her some of the the costumes made and worn by Furries -- radjin's and bigbluefox's fursuits in particular.

Almost immediately after that my laptop's battery died, and the the computer was put away where it would recharge during the rest of the day.

At some point in the conversation my cousin mentioned and gave me a late birthday present: an exclusive set of Robot Heroes. It's the basically set with Mirage, Prime, Megatron, Skywarp and Cliffjumper. However, it's an exclusive version and thus the old catch phrase "More than Meets the eye" applies. Mirage is transparent rather than solid, and both Optimus and Megs have a fancy metal finish.

Most of the discussions today were broken, fragmented or somewhat confused, so I don't know if she caught that I liked the gift or not.

Dad had to get a test done a bit before noon, so us and our guests temporarily split up. We got back after the errands with about an hour to spare before the wedding.

Upon arriving to the church we noticed an old Jaguar parked in the lot. None of the family knew whose car it was. We shrugged and went in to the chapel.

Not very long after that the wedding began. About half of the bridesmaids/flower girls were chewing gum; a fact that annoyed some of the family. The thing I found most annoying about the proceedings (other than my dress shoes) was that neither the bride nor the groom had microphones or at least working microphones; nothing they said could be heard despite it being an otherwise silent room.

The pastor's microphone worked quite well. His speech was basically about a dozen or two was to emphasized and re-emphasize that marriage is a lasting bond. In other words, divorce is bad. Dad remarked that it sounded more like marriage counseling than a marraige-in-progress.

The Unity Candle was handled a little differently than expected. They used a total of five candles. First the bride and groom lit one candle each, and then lit a second candle each using the first candle. They then simultaneously used these newly lit candles to light the central candle.

The symbolism of these five candles were:
The first 2 Candles were the families that brought them to be, the second 2 Candles were bride and groom's flames, and the central candle reprented both that as husband and wife they are one flesh and the fire of their love.

-- and ambient airflow in the chapel blew out the central candle within a millisecond after it was lit.

The pastor shrugged and they tried again. This time it stayed lit.

Shortly after that the wedding itself was over and everyone left the chapel. As we left we were given little white bottles with doves on them. These bottles contained bubble goo and wand to use it with. Thus as the new husband and wife left the church they were showered with bubbles instead of rice.

As we left the church we stopped and talked with the pastor. This was the church we attended back when we regularly went to church. After we talked, the pastor left (driving the Jaguar I mentioned earlier by the by).

The directions to the reception hall were rather good. So good about half the family (include me and my parents) got rather lost trying to find the place. We ended up finding it soon enough in any event.

The reception could best be summed up with the word "loud". The music was played so loudly that it was headache inducing and near-impossible to hear over. Food was provided, but my mouth hasn't healed from the yesterday so I couldn't eat very much of it. I had some thinly sliced beef, which ended up aggravating the injury.

At one point it was time for the toasts. The toast from the best man sounded like he didn't really believe what he was saying, thus undermining everything he said. The provided drink was mildly alcoholic and tasted rather bad; since I had a fair amount of it left after the toast I decided to use an old technique I learned over a decade ago -- that is, a way to drink without getting any of the liquid on your taste buds. See folks? Paying attention in school really does pay off later down the road.

We left when it was getting late and the karaoke machine was starting up.

That sums up most of the wedding.

While at the church I looked around at the different things. Now that I've been studying Christianity on my own I was curious to see just how much I could recognize. After all, this was the first time I was in any church in probably a decade (not counting craft shows). I spotted a carving of the nails and thorns above one of the doors, a fair number of symbols I'm not familiar with and I recognized one of the figures in the stained glass as St. Peter (currently the only saint I can identify). I have no idea who the other figures where; I don't think the middle figure was Jesus, but I might be wrong. St. Peter was a little below and to the right of the middle figure, so I'm not real certain about it.

Another thing I noticed was that the vestments were white. Today's liturgical color is Green. Apparently weddings override the current season with white like funerals override the season with violet (or white if it was a child). I spent some time looking this up once I got back home, and confirmed that weddings override the season. I also found that the calendar I was using was not entirely correct. I'll be spending tomorrow fixing that.

The subject of this entry mentions a reference to the Dark Crystal that is relevant to today's main topic. Did you catch what the reference is?

In the Dark Crystal the prophecy stated that "they shall be whole: the two made one". A wedding does that too.

And now that I've spent a little over an hour and a half writing this all out it's time to retire for the night.

On a humorous note, I just noticed that this post is entry 69.

Fits don't it?

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