Another double helping
Posted on September 26th, 2007
Yesterday ended with a nifty thunderstorm, thus I couldn't use the computer to post an entry. The day began with a bit of a bad surprise: the water was off and there'd been no warning. We went down to the lobby to get some bottled water from the vending machine, but it was still sold out of everything from the last time the water was off (they don't check it very often obviously). The water came on about an hour or so later.

I've decided that in order to make one roguelike I need to make another roguelike. Basically by coding a simple but fun roguelike I'll work out the bigger design flaws before they are enshrouded in other code. I spent yesterday working out several issues with the screen handling code. It's preferable that the screen doesn't flicker and that you can't see it being updated after all.

The new roguelike is going to be very simple and more of an arcade game than an RPG. The premise is very straightforward: get treasure, kill undead, grab the chalice and start another level. Think of Venture for some idea of what I'm aiming at.

The other event of yesterday worth mentioning was the attack of the Domino's Pizza advertisements. Some teens were employed by some Domino's Pizza franchise near here to hang little fliers with coupons and Domino's-related ads on the doors of the residents of this complex. First off all, they had no key and thus weren't supposed to be in the building period. Per usual, they buzzed J. Random Tenant who mindlessly hit the button that opens the front door (something of an endemic problem we've noticed). Secondly, they were sloppy enough at what they were doing to piss off the building's administrator (which got them removed from the building). They dropped some fliers down a hall and had hung them on doors that they really shouldn't have been on, such as the storage lockers, stairways, vacant apartments and the door to the administrator's office.

Today there was less news to write about. The day began with a visit from our friend. Naturally this meant lunch out. She didn't know much about the local area so we just went to the nearby home-style restaurant. Having been there recently I ordered chicken tenders and another Philly Steak. Our friend is serious about moving, though probably can't until Spring. While she was here we talked with the admin mentioned above, and he showed use around the new building that's being worked on. We'd heard it was going to include a fitness center, but he showed us it includes a movie theater, kiddie pool, and computer room as well.

Unfortunately it's not yet open for business. Some idiot drove under the main entrance's balcony and didn't clear it. Thus the damaged balcony is falling down under the weight of its bricks, wood and mortar. Since it's unsafe the building is off-limits. When we got the tour we walked around the outside of the building and looked in the windows. Not surprisingly, there's a cash reward out for info about who decked the deck.

This evening I spent working on coding the new roguelike.

While writing this entry I discovered a feature I need to add to this site's scripts, so I guess tomorrow I'll code that instead of the game.

Lastly, here's two days worth of interesting clicks.

While Coconut crabs are big and creepy, Japanese Spider Crabs inspire nightmares.

While the Domino's adverts were annoying, this microscopic ad is ingenious.

The YouTube video Defenders of Marriage attacks the homosexual marriage problem with song.

On man was a host at Olive Garden. He ended up making a short Comic Strip about his time there.

Speaking of homosexuals and crazy agendas, one of the world's nuttiest lawyers is at it again. In this case, he included some hard core gay porn in a filing. The judge is less than pleased.

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