Wrapping up two days
Posted on September 24th, 2007
Yesterday I ended up crashing around 7:00 PM. As a result I didn't take the time to write an entry and just went to bed. The main event of yesterday was a visit from one of mom's friends and her husband. Both of them are getting tired of their current situation and are looking at moving. We showed them around a couple vacant apartments and chatted for quite a while. They left talking to each other about how what piece of furniture would go where and what kind of apartment they needed, so it's possible that they'll move in to this apartment complex.

Today was spent either going to or returning from the appointment with the psychiatrist. We arrived just in time for my appointment, but were informed (rather rudely) that we had the time wrong and missed the appointment. The next available slot was an hour and a half later. We booked it and returned home where we putzied for a bit. We returned to the office on time and actually had the appointment. The appointment itself went fairly smooth.

After the appointment we went to one of our old haunts. It's an Italian restaurant with a medieval theme. We hadn't been here in a decade, so this was a rather nostalgic visit. The suit of armor (plate mail) is still there, though it's been moved to another spot. Back when we used to go there I was still an extremely picky kid and only ate their spaghetti or their pizza. Today I ordered a "whole" serving of Baked Chicken Parmesan and a side of lasagna. My estimate on what a whole serving was turned out to be dramatically incorrect. A rough metaphor for the situation would be that I expected a 16 ounce drink and received the 64 ounce super size drink. Momma mia, that was a lot of pasta! I ended up taking the lasagna home and having it for a bedtime snack. Even I can't eat that much pasta in one go.

I spent the evening trying to figure out a display issue with the programming. I eventually managed to get the system to work as expected with no skips, pauses or noticeable drawing.

Yesterday I came across two videos that are worth a look. These are both from the same series, and are episode I and II. Two special effects people had a bit of fun with lightsabers. The videos are Ryan vs Dorkman and Ryan vs Dorkman 2.

Two top ten lists also caught my eye yesterday. These are the Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of the Day and the Top Ten Strangest Things in Space.

Today's net travels were very short and only yielded one thing of amusement. Namely some rather goofy lawsuits against Google. One of them charges that Aliens (as in "Martians" not as in "Mexicans") are behind and on Google's Email service. What will people think of next? (Do I want that question answered?)

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