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Posted on September 22nd, 2007
I spent a large amount of time figuring out a problem with Fur and Faith. In the end I found a solution, though it breaks the "no tables for layout" rule. On the plus side, it degrades roughly as well as divs and provides the layout for an otherwise unimportant bit of the site's front page.

Some of my time was spent trying coding ideas. These ideas were mainly aimed at implementing Kuiperhack's internals, but they may prove useful elsewhere. I expected a certain feature to be impossible in the language I'm working with, but in the end it was not only possible but simple to do.

In the course of the day I ran across two things worth commenting on.

First, the infamous FPS DOOM has been remade as a roguelike. The new game looks rather interesting and is probably a lot of fun, but I noticed that they kept the satanic theme on the game. As much as I liked playing through the shareware episode of the original DOOM, I never felt very comfortable with the gore and the satanic overtones. There's little room for gore in a textmode game, but there's enough malevolence to turn me away. Hell has been depicted in less of an evil manner before; Nethack is one such example. I may code up a roguelike where you blast undead and denizens of heck to bits in a family friendly way once I get farther along with Kuiperhack. One roguelike's engine is just like another after all. You can find the roguelike version of DOOM here.

The other thing of note that I found is this simple video on YouTube. It's basically a slide show of Furry Christian artwork. Some of the art is by hollyannvix and xianjaguar. It looks fine to me, but one thing stands out. I don't see the point of dragging Evolution into this. It doesn't help make the video's main point. Instead, it seems like saying ALL Christian Furries believe Evolution is a lie -- a statement that is too broad to be true. Now that I think about it, I'm not real sure what is meant by "We are not dualists". The first guess is that we don't worship both animals and God, but that's only a guess. Judging by the only posted comment I'd say I'm not alone in wondering what they meant. None of the artists were credited either. Points for the effort and attempt, if not the execution I guess.

Some of the other Furry videos on YouTube are like someone stuffed a chat room into a blender and added the word "Furry" every few words, so one can't really complain when a halfway decent video pops up.

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