Trips and more trips
Posted on September 20th, 2007
Today was filled with trips. First there was the trip back in to farm country so mom could get some dental work done. On the way back we visited both farmers markets and picked up some goodies. We found some low sodium hot dogs and ate some of them for lunch once we got back home. I also picked up 3 pounds of yummy Amish candy. Unfortunately I'm going to have to meter them out as the diet can't remotely allow eating all of that in one day.

The next trip was just a trip to the car to get some of the things we'd left in the car after the first trip.

The third trip was a jaunt to the grocery store to pick up a variety of things, primarily ice cream and two boxes of Halloween donuts. We also picked up a box of glazed chocolate donut holes, a frozen pizza, a box of peanut butter thumb print cookies and a container of deli BBQ chicken. The chicken made for an excellent dinner.

I spent most of the evening browsing online, though I took another crack at that page I'm stuck on. I also uploaded the Halloween theme for this site.

The more amusing story of the day was involved my toothbrush. I went to get it out of the toothbrush holder this morning and it flipped out of my hand, bounced off the counter, then off the top of the toilet, off the wall, off the plunger and came to a stop bristles down behind the commode. Needless to say, that toothbrush went in the trash. No amount of washing will make me comfortable with putting anything that touched the plunger into my mouth. The dentists gave me a new one upon hearing this little tale.

The oddest thing I ran across online today was a news story about an older woman that was locked in a public toilet overnight. In America there'd be lawsuits. Across the pond it merits a "well that's a bit of a spot then" and business continues as usual.

Lastly, while browsing Userfriendly today Stan Bush's "The Touch" popped into my head and started going around as an earworm. I have no idea why this popped in there at all. Everyone that lived through the 1980's knows this song. It was used in Transformers: The Movie (1987). I managed to find a Transformers-themed music video of the song on YouTube. Clicky for The Touch.

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