Different kind of plumbing problem
Posted on September 18th, 2007
Whenever I've mentioned plumbing online it has either referred to a major problem with the place's pipes or a short and fat Italian that wears red overalls. Today it's something new. The building's maintenance crew were working on the plumbing, thus the building's water was turned off for part of the day.

We were given early warning, so mom used the various pots and pans to store up a decent amount of the clear stuff to get us through the morning and afternoon.

A few hours after the water was turned off we had a simple idea. We went down to the vending machine and bought ourselves some bottled water. This turned out to be a good idea: when I went to get the mail (the mailboxes are in the same cubbyhole as the vending machine) a number of people were trying the machine, finding that everything was sold out.

The rest of the day was centered around attempting to access a site. The main compiler I use was recently given a big upgrade, so I wanted to see what, if anything, they did with the toolkit I use most. I'd run across rumors that it might be drastically altered or discontinued. Their site is largely unreachable today, and a little googling uncovered why: Slashdot effect.

It was shortly after that when I remembered that the site's primary mirror was SourceForge. Since SourceForge is pretty much immune to the Slashdot effect I went and looked for the compiler's project page. Once I found that page it was rather trivial to download the documentation and install binaries for both Windows and Linux. The documentation for the toolkit I use is unchanged. There is also a notice on another page that some things broke in the upgrade but to get a list of these things you need to go to the site. That'll be quite a task for the time being. At any rate, the stuff I use is still there and usable, so the status quo remains the same after all.

I poked around the documentation and some of the changes look like they may well be useful -- the date and time functions are now similar to PHP's date and time functions for example.

Lastly, today's Userfriendly comic got me curious, so I looked up conspiracy theories about landing on the moon. Wikipedia has a rather huge page on the subject. It's really amazing what people come up with. Occam's razor might get dull sorting all these kooky theories out.

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