Christmas day 2008
Posted on December 25th, 2008
Today was just about like every other day. We'd already received our presents, taken down the tree and other decorations, and shuffled the lot off to the new place about a week ago.

I spent the day tinkering with my projects. After a few touch ups to the program I spent the week developing, I focused on Project Playpen and Project Codebase.

One of the things I did to prepare for both Projects was to download and install the current Java SDK. Java and I have a unique history together: the programming language and I get along in pretty much the same manner as Archie Bunker and Maude Findlay. Installing the SDK yet again serves as proof that being found disabled due to being mentally unsound wasn't in error.

This also pointed out a blooper on my part. When I set up this site at the current host months ago, I accidentally neglected to upload the directory containing the java classes and jar file for Merlin and the Whiteboard. Both Merlin and the Whiteboard are Java applets I wrote years ago. Their pages were uploaded, as well as linked to as if everything was there. So there's been two busted pages on this site all of this time and I never noticed. Ironically, the Whiteboard's page is the third most frequently visited page on the site -- there's nothing there!

I can tell I wasn't trying to drop those pages by one extra point: due to a programming error on my part, the Whiteboard's palette graphic is located in a different directory than the Whiteboard's class file. That graphic is on the server now. It isn't used anywhere else on the site, so it had to have been upload for use in the applet -- there's no other reason for it to be there.

The files I need to upload are on the external drive. And naturally, the only cable we have that can connect the external drive to this computer is packed in a box somewhere at the new place. Double D'oh!

In today's link of the day Porky says the unexpected.

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