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Posted on December 16th, 2008
Today began with a twist. Originally I'd get up and go with mom to the new place to both move more junk and setup the utilities. This morning mom declared that I was rather ripe and had me spend the morning in the shower while she setup the utilities. That's one perk about the new place: the water temperature will be predictable. Today the hot water was rather tepid.

I got out of the shower just as she returned home. That's when the fun began. Mom's IBS acted up, and just getting out of the house became a challenge. The rest of the morning was spent with her moaning and grabbing her gut at random intervals while whining that we might have to hurry home and do the errands and lunch another day. So yes, I've gone from musing about my bladder and bowel activity to kvetching about mom's bowels. Are you glad you read this?

At the post office we used the automatic system to mail the Christmas packages. Mom kept handing the garbage (label backing etc) to me, and I threw them away.

Shortly after getting into the car mom asked me where the receipt was. I replied that as she'd handed me the receipt along with a bunch of stuff to throw out, so I'd chucked it also figuring that's why she handed it to me like that. She went hysterical. Leaving the car running, she ran back into the post office and rooted through the trash until she found the receipt. Apparently it was important.

We had lunch at the Italian restaurant. However, as we were entering mom warned that we may have to leave in a hurry thanks to the renegade bowels.

In the end, nothing came of the gut clenching and moaning.

We stopped at the barber's to drop off some cookies. This was a bit interesting as I was last in there in like 1996 or so. Thus it was a bit of a reunion. Most of the artwork is the same, though one of the swords on display has had its hilt torn off. Notably, the cartoon image of the older brother is still next to the chair he used. The older brother died of pancreatic cancer in 2003 or so.

Our last stop was the pharmacy. I picked up a Lean Cuisine for dinner. I also picked up a universal mic I've been looking at. Once we got home I plugged it into the mic jack on the computer and messed around a little. It works! I can now record sound from outside of the computer. This is going to be used primarily for narration of some animations I've been thinking about.

Speaking of things I've been thinking about, I reached a decision on the trickier of two projects I've been pondering. That project will be browser based instead of downloaded. Hopefully in the near future I can come up with decent code names for those projects and update the project listing.

Today's link of the day is a rather odd mash up: Pikadiator

Lastly, here's the Advent Calendar link again.


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