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Posted on September 15th, 2007
The main event of the day was the biweekly shopping trip. The store has its various Halloween displays up, which is always nice to see. I even spotted their old balloon and paper witch lurking around.

Today's groceries all made it to the apartment in only two trips (although a third trip was needed to lock the car). Makes one wonder what we forgot.

Among other things, I picked up some fried chicken I've been debating about getting and had it for lunch. I also finally found the Alexia section, so I'll be seeing more of that once again. As odd as it seems, that's health food (low calorie / low sodium). It's also pizza and mozzarella sticks, so win-win. I didn't get the mozzarella sticks today though; just the pizza.

The bad news of the day is that my limited sodium diet isn't cutting the mustard anymore. Starting tomorrow I'm going to have to count calories too. I'm going to use the same rounding system I use for the sodium; it's easier to remember and oddly enough it is pretty darn accurate.

In other news, today was the first day in about a week I used the elevators. During that time the apartment's admins had fixed the busted display in the big elevator (scratches and vandalism is still present however). Thus it's not a disquieting mystery what floor you're on anymore.

Project wise I didn't do very much. I debated about using C++ for Kuiperhack instead of Pascal but as usual common sense won out and I'll be using Pascal. I asked mom for some opinions on the PC Project, and so I have something of a game plan for it now. As for Fur and Faith I think I jumped the gun with part of the layout and so I need to re-lay it out and redo it.

In interesting gossipy news, a friend of the family's daughter is currently being held on $5,000 bond for undisclosed reasons. Odds are pretty good it has something to do with her getting charged with embezzlement for the third time. Note that all three charges were brought by different people -- so far, nothing has stuck. It sounds like this round might.

Some hot stuff and pussy from YouTube round out the day:
A Dragon teaches her kid to deal with knights in shining armor
This cat likes the treadmill, but isn't real good at it -- unlike this cat.


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