Let's not go there, 'tis a silly place
Posted on December 10th, 2008
Today began with a trip to some condo to both look it over and possibly begin moving to. The tour was going fine until someone had the bright idea of opening the fridge. As the place had not yet been projected the power was off, and as a result the fridge was full of stuff that was quite long gone. If you've seen Naked Gun, you probably remember the fridge scene.

In the end we were turned down due to lack of a down payment.

Afterward, we visited the family restaurant. Since we really needed to wash our hands, mom was going to go with the waitress to the table and dad and I would visit the loo. Knowing that the waitress would ask for our drink orders, I tried to explain to mom to get me a root beer. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Get me a root beer"
Mom: "Huh?"
Me: "A root beer. Get me a root beer."
Mom: "Sure I'll get you a diet coke."
Me: "No, a ROOT BEER"
Mom: "Diet coke; got it!"

She ordered me a diet coke. This was the first of many hints that she was spending the morning in La La Land.

As I needed to curb the fat and grease for a while, I got an odd chicken burger meal. Basically it was a chicken patty with provolone cheese and some bacon served with steak fries (a nice "low fat" meal).

Mom's meal was a disaster. Everything was cold, lumpy with odd protruding bits. Dad's open face sandwich was just fine. My meal arrived in a basket similar to what bread sticks and the like are served in, but it was otherwise good.

Shortly after getting home, mom started asking me about the place we'd looked at. She asked if such-and-such room was carpeted and other questions that started to make me wonder if she took the tour of the place at all: we'd WALKED THROUGH each of the rooms she asked about.

During dinner I mentioned her constant obliviousness throughout the day. Proving my point, when Pov begged for his plate of chicken -- which he does every day routinely -- she didn't notice him at all nor remember that bit of daily routine until I pointed it out.

I ended up asking if she'd taken any Oxycontin during the day, referencing how spacey and out of it she tends to be when she's on it. This really surprised her, as she doesn't take Oxycontin. When I responded that she often takes an "oxy", she was surprised I thought she meant Oxycontin. She takes Oxybutynin, which is a completely different drug. In any event, she hadn't taken any of either and wanted me to post online that she doesn't pop Oxycontin like candy.

The main culprits behind her brain fog seem to be not getting enough sleep and trying to think too many things through at once.

I spent the evening working out various ideas and planning ahead somewhat. I also made two purchases on eBay -- both toys for the collection.

The Advent Calendar had an error yesterday -- I posted the same link twice. This has been corrected and a new link added.

Two links for today:
Santa + Scared Kitty
Muppet Labs Canceled

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