I'm too young for this crap
Posted on December 3rd, 2008
I got a semi-decent night's sleep, but that's not really cutting the mustard.

Something we ordered in early November never arrived. When I got the mail yesterday I checked at the office to see if it arrived when Mr. NeverBuzzes was doing the deliveries. They couldn't find it, so I returned with just the mail.

Until yesterday there wasn't any way to track the order online. When we tracked it, it was listed as being in the nearby big city. It had been there for a fortnight.

Today a more recent order arrived and I went down an got it. Shortly after returning mom looked the missing package back up. Now it's listed as delivered two weeks ago to "Office", and the person it was delivered to signed it as Giovanni. The hell?

Mom called the office and inquired if there was a person with that last name there. Indeed; recently our landlord resigned and the new landlord is Mr. Giovanni. Thus it went from "when is that package ever going to show up?" to "Where the hell did he put it?". It was found, and I went down and picked it up.

My day pretty much went downhill from there. When I got back I was shaking badly, my legs were burning and I felt like I'd been hit by train. I got a snack worth 500 calories, but that didn't help very much.

Everything hurts now: if it doesn't feel like a sprain it's burning.

I'm going to call today over and head to bed.

Tomorrow is the follow up visit with SSI. Their letter stated that they have the power to overturn the verdict from the trial on Nov. 20th; this is probably just a formality as the case is pretty direct, so HOPEFULLY nothing will come of that part of the letter. I mean it's not like I'm going to turn sane overnight.

The Advent Calendar is still ongoing, though I forgot to link to it yesterday.

For the link of the day I give you MUTO.

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