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Posted on September 13th, 2007
Today began with a trip to a local restaurant. When we used to live near here I was extremely picky about food and thus only ate toast (or later, beef hot dogs) when we ate at this place. Thus I had no real idea of what to expect on the menu. They ended up having my favorites from both that WWII themed place and Olive Garden. They also have a neat little option for the appetizers. You can get a reduced amount of two appetizers for roughly the price of only one of them. I took this option and thus enjoyed both the chicken tenders and the mozzarella sticks. For the actual meal I had a Philly steak and cheese sandwich. Next time we go there I'll just get some chicken tenders (as they were better than the mozzarella sticks and lower in sodium) and try their Ruben.

When we returned to the apartment we discovered that UPS had just brought packages and placed them in the office. The office was actually occupied for once, so we went to see if anything came for us and meet the manager-of-the-week. He seemed to have an illness of some kind; I caught that his voice was strongly nasal as if a cold or flu was the case, though Dad suspected AIDS. Dad's worked with AIDS patients, so he may well be right. The fact that the manager-of-the-week buried the needle of my gaydar and was clearly as queer as a $3 bill rather supports dad's guess. If you've seen Kids in the Hall, think of Buddy. He's managing the building for the time being.

The rest of my day was spent on the computer. I discovered that one of my favorite furry artists was force by politics at work to abandon the fandom, taking all traces of his art with him. Naturally I scrambled around the net to find him and/or his art. I eventually succeeded -- Google is proof that you cannot just "disappear". In the meantime I also discovered that one of the galleries I'd been using as a hub for related sites has removed their "community sites" page, thus I need to find another method to reach them -- I don't have a clue 'bout what their URLs might be. My Google search history is gonna be a bit weird soon (to say the least).

I spent some time working on Fur and Faith. All of the planned features now work. I just need to build up the content a bit.

I've decided that Kuiperhack is infected with creeping featuritis. I'm going to look closer at it in the near future and see if I can get something worthwhile out of it.

Today's health report is up next. I've been abnormally gassy today, so lighting a match is probably not the best of options. The cause is unknown -- it began prior to the trip to the restaurant. On the plus side it's not particularly smelly -- it's just a hot breath from the wrong exit. The other bit of health news is that my right ear is plugged with a lot of pressure. Fiddling with the outer ear make it pop and relieves the pressure for a bit (so guess what I've been doing all day?). I'm trying Benadryl as well now, so it may clear up. It's really quite annoying. It's started lessening up this evening, so there's hope that it will go away.

While looking for something (probably that artist) I ended up stumbling across something interesting that has nothing to do with the rest of this post: the Periodic Table of Perl Operators.

Lastly Mom discovered that Hallmark's Crabby Maxine has an online comic: Crabby Road. You need Flash and JavaScript support on to view the site.

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