Very busy day
Posted on November 14th, 2008
Normal person's average pee: 500 cc
My largest single pee: 2,100 cc
My average pee: 1,400 cc

I think I've discovered what my mutant super power is.

So having filled both 3,000 cc bottles the lab gave us, two 1-gallon water jugs and about a third of another water jug, the tricky part was over.

Early this morning mom and I ran some quick errands and stopped for lunch at the family restaurant. Naturally I had a Reuben.

We then stopped at home, unloaded the groceries, and then loaded up our spare cart with all of the kidney juice. As I rode the elevator down to the car with the cart load of piss, the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and a young woman got on, also headed for the lobby. She was munching on a slice of pizza, so I was rather relieved that she didn't inquire about the cart's contents.

At the lab we waited for about an hour before my kidney output and I were taken back. They drew some blood for the current blood creatinine level, then were rather perplexed as how to proceed. The supervisor was called over, and after a short conversation the lab's main branch was called. While the sample could be delivered to them in anything, they can only send it on in approved containers. So if the 2 containers + 3 jugs wasn't ludicrous enough, it ended up being 7 containers as each container only holds 2 quarts.

The good news is that unless we get bad test results this is the last post I'll be making about draining the lizard.

After that stop, we went to the Target and bought more Lean Cuisines, then the bird store where we bought more seed, yet another feeder and Christmas presents for the family. The new feeder is a "bark butter" feeder (unprocessed hunk of wood). You smear it with "bark butter" and birds eat it. Birds that otherwise ignore our feeders: woodpeckers and creepers for example.

Buying the gifts for the family completed two trifectas. Lately I've been thinking about both Neopets and Pokemon. The former is nostalgia over what the game used to be and the disaster it became. The latter I'm thinking of getting back into, probably next month. We bought my nieces some Webkinz.

The trifectas are:

1. Virtual pet games: Neopets, Pokemon and Webkinz are all virtual pet games.

2. Horses:
My first (and later, main) Neopet was an Uni (a horse).
In the 90s one of my main team of Pokemon was a Rapidash (a horse).
One of the webkinz we bought for my nieces was a Clydesdale (a horse).

It's always kinda creepy when stuff synchronizes like that and the synchronization wasn't deliberate.

We ended up getting home around 4 PM. The rest of the day has been on autopilot.

So here's today's link: Game Over by PEZ

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