Little net change
Posted on November 12th, 2008
Early this morning mom and I head up to get the bottles for the creatinine clearance. This went fairly smoothly, even considering that the receptionist had no idea what that is.

Problem: the instructions for the procedure include a requirement that the jars be refrigerated during the collection period. There's no way in heck we're putting those jars in the fridge, so tomorrow morning dad will pick up some ice to keep the jars in. We didn't pick up ice this morning as mom's still reeling from whatever made her sick yesterday.

Thus the collection period (fancy name for the span of time I'll be pissing in a jar) will start tomorrow morning.

Background Service got some tweaks based on some comments about the strip. Somethings were simply too subtle. The three changes were:

1. "STAFF" link in the menu was changed to "CAST". It meant "Staff of the fictional Motel and Cafe", but it could easily be misconstrued as "Staff of the website (ie, Credits)".

2. Palms added to the beach. In the first strip it's not clear the characters are on a beach instead of a desert. Palm trees make it much clearer and use up dead space.

3. Lisa's ears are now folded. There were two style differences between her (a dog morph) and all of the cat morphs in the strip. Her ears had a notch while the cats' ears did not. Her tail is foofy, the cats have slender tails. The tail difference is almost completely out of frame in the first comic, and the notch is hard to spot when drawn in the comic's reduced size. Thus Lisa was very easy to mistake as a cat herself (therefore destroying the joke of the first strip). Folding her ears makes her look decidedly dog and clears up that problem.

I spent some of the time today working out more with Project Phoenix. This round was a simple series of tests to see how to and how not to pass data around.

For today's link here's a crazy little space battle: Battlestar Galactica Vs Star Wars Vs Star Trek Vs Babylon 5

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