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Posted on November 6th, 2008
The first thing I did when I got up was to take my blood pressure and weight. After eating out a lot for the past week or so I was expecting both to worsen. I actually ended up losing 2 pounds and my blood pressure's stable where it always is. This means I can splurge a bit more often than previously thought. My first act of wanton gluttony will involve Snoopy's friend and rival, the Red Baron. However, I'll wait until the biweekly shopping to buy it. That looks to be Monday.

In any event, I popped a nosebleed right before lunch. My original plan was to have hot chili for lunch; the nosebleed shot that idea down quick. I'll try for chili tomorrow.

On Userfriendly a thread about Prop. 8 popped up and lead to quite a long discussion. I popped in with some quasi-serious remarks at various points, but I did not defend either side. A side effect of that resulted in some discussion of Christianity. That was not my point -- I didn't have one in the first place -- but it was kinda neat.

I spent most of the day thinking about stuff. Stuff like how to connect another domain to this account, how to store data without using the database, what to spend my allowance on, which project to focus on next, whether to drop Project Gold altogether, what to do about Project Metal, whether I should clean up the next group of 100 or so images I've cached, wondering where Tony could be, who he is with, what he is thinking, is he thinking of that whore again, whether he'll ever return to her and whether anybody is going to get the reference I just made.

During the evening I worked on more content for Project Rainbow, but I ultimately didn't get very far. I may just file that idea in the circular file in the end. No big loss other than loss of time spent trying to implement it.

Today's link is both educational and funny: How NOT to use PowerPoint

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