Patriot Day (has nothing to do with football)
Posted on September 11th, 2007
Today was not one of my better days. First there's the good news: I saw the new doctor. He diagnosed the rash as psoriasis, but thinks that the arthritis is unrelated. In any event I now have a prescription strength cream to combat the rash.

Many things did not go quite right beyond that. We had some trouble finding the doctor's office because of two annoyances: very few of the buildings around here have their address anywhere someone could see it (I thought there was a law against that) and the sign at the doctor's office does not list the doctor.

At the doctor's office we naturally had to fill out forms as new patients. The hitch here was that mom ended up writing my information on her form. The staff didn't appear to notice that her "father" was almost a decade her junior. In a way, the fact that they didn't notice that isn't exactly comforting.

After the doctor visit we visited the grocery store, better known as demolition derby with shopping carts. Mom haded our little grocery list to me, then started frantically looking in her purse for that list a moment later. People swung their carts around without watching what they were doing, and almost decked a few people including me. Others shoved carts through areas too narrow for them to fit, zooming around like everyone's supposed to jump out of their way or finding new ways to clog isle (such as the three carts abreast technique -- someone actually pushed through that array in a huff). At the checkout I ended up getting penned in by a clerk that thought that what little free space in the isle was too much free space.

By the time dodgeball was over I was tired, cranky and frustrated to the point of shaking.

When we got home around 1:00 PM things didn't exactly go much better. I'd picked up a type of pizza bread at the store and was going to have it for lunch. Mom thought that I microwaved that type of food and told me to start fixing it while she used the restroom. Problem is, we've never cooked this product in the microwave -- only the oven and I've never been thought how to use this computerized oven. Once she got back in the kitchen this was squared up the lunch was fixed. It took a little over 30 minutes to cook it, by which point I'm dizzy from not having eaten anything all day.

Shortly after lunch, mom was going through the papers we'd been given at the doctors and asked where the walk out statements where. At this point I'm now nearing critical mass as both of us seemed to have developed Alzheimer's overnight. I had the statements in hand as we paid for our visit at the doctor's office. Neither of us had a clue where they went after that. We checked the car, but they weren't there.

Back in the apartment, after I had a complete frustrated to tears meltdown I decided to just take a nap and hope things improved afterwards. While I was down for the nap mom called the doctor's office about the walk out statements. It turns out both of us didn't remember the events quite right: while I had them for awhile, they were collected by the office to figure billing -- patients don't take them home.

A little over an hour and a half later I was still awake as I wasn't even able to fall asleep.

About half an hour later mom suggested getting the mail. I'd forgotten about that completely. So I got the keys and left for the mail.

-- the stairs had just been mopped and were as slick as black ice.


More fun fun fun: I just used the ointment. To use it I had to open it; the tube was sealed. I pulled on the tab to remove the seal and the tab just popped off, with the tube still sealed. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to remove the seal via fingernail, but that didn't do any good; it just left foil slivers everywhere. I ended up using the end of my comb to just puncture the f***ing thing.

To heck with today; I'm going to bed.

Today was Patriot Day (Sept. 11th, 2007), though there was no fanfare, no parade, no shiney sparkly TV special, no fireworks, no anything like there has been in previous years. "Remember 9/11" is just a filler in Bush's speeches now I guess.

This link shows what the front page of many websites looked like on the original 9/11.

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