Ending October
Posted on October 31st, 2008
The first thing on today's agenda was the trip to the psychiatrist's office. I noted in the previous entry how much service improved; I forgot to note that we were largely the complaint that broke the camel's back -- there had been many complaints already.

So the psychiatrist filled out the paperwork SSI/SSD requires. Reading that over reminds me of GLaDOS' lines in the climatic battle. If I had any trace of an overinflated ego or vain disposition, that report would shoot it down but quick.

One thing he noticed was that in the lab work my creatinine level was high; still within "normal" range, but a tad high. This is the second time it's been elevated in a row, so he wants to do further testing to ensure that my kidneys are fine. I did some searching online and found that the level is higher if you eat lots of meat or exercise -- both of which I do. Also, the fact that one of the tests requires fasting may elevate it as well. I'll piss in a cup for a day, but I think it's nothing.

Next up we visited the pharmacy, had a prescription filled and bought 1 Liter of caffeine free root beer.

After that, we went to the family style restaurant for lunch. Yesterday I had a Reuben there; today I got my usual order of a Philly Steak and Cheese. While I do like it, I think the Reuben was the better option.

My afternoon was spent working on Project Rainbow. Since I'd changed several character's designs I needed to redo their respective cast gallery images. Overall I've improved my ability with the system I'm using, so these new images look much better than the previous ones.

I tinkered with Project Metal a little, but ultimately didn't do very much with it. A short while ago I restored the blog's template to the normal blue color. The red "bloody" theme was just for Halloween.

Late in the afternoon we heard a dog barking somewhere close. We investigated and found that the barking was coming from next door. They didn't respond when we knocked (probably couldn't hear us over the dog). It got quiet later, so we're hoping the dog was visiting. Remember, this is supposed to be a cats only building. We have yet to see it enforced, but that's what the lease and the site say.

Rounding out the day I popped a small nosebleed a little bit ago. This doesn't surprise me a whole lot. With all of this eating out my blood pressure must be significantly higher than normal. That was the last of the eating out for a while however so that should remedy itself.

Have two links for today:
GLaDOS battle
Old computer playing Still Alive

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