Daily grind
Posted on October 29th, 2008
I spent the day working with both Project Rainbow and Project Metal. One of the main focuses was getting Project Rainbow to begin finding its legs; I have a tendency to keep trying to make it something like Marvel or DC in style and design, and that is actually pretty far from what I intend that project to be.

The other main thing I did today was update Linkfest, which has been lagging behind lately.

Mom spent the day cleaning up the bird feeders; the thistle feeder was full of rotting seed and had a very strong sour smell to it. She had lots of trouble noticing that terrible smell however, which led me to point it out several times.

We were going to run some errands today, but quickly changed our minds when we saw it was hailing heavily. Tomorrow's supposed to be nice, so we decided to just wait on the errands. In the meantime it alternatively hailed and thawed all day.

In other news I've messed around with YouTube's settings. The "home page" I get now shows a plethora of "recommended" videos based on both my browsing habits and my favorites listing. These suggestions aren't far off the mark when it comes to my typical browsing on YouTube.

I've heard of the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya before, but never looked into it. However, I do know that at the end of each episode the cast performs a specific dance routine called Hare Hare Yukai. Here's a video of the dance.

This dance has become a meme of sorts; several parodies appear on YouTube: Mega Man sprites perform it, another anime called Lucky Star performed it, heck even Pikachu can be seen performing it.

Funny how things catch on isn't it?

I'm taking a bit of a risk and going to bed early as my legs are bothering me as if I'd walked around the grocery store a few times and hopefully getting completely off my legs will improve things.

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