A grand evening out
Posted on October 28th, 2008
Today we went to dinner with some friends. Namely we went to the Chinese buffet. Dinner conversation covered all points; it started out talking about work, then it shifted to how back in their day one had to spend the morning working the farm then trudge 10 miles in hip deep snow to get to school, then conversation shifted to the subject of canning just about everything. Soon after that the topic was consuming bear meat and how to properly butcher squirrels and groundhogs so they pass as chicken. It then ended on the high note of British way vs American way, also known as "the British are weird; how weird are they? Let's have us a look shall we?". At this point the staff was closing the store around us while glancing over every few minutes as if to say "they aren't eating anymore; why are they here?".

The buffet had out the usual platters of goodies. This time there was a new option: BBQ spare ribs. This brought the total number of items I could safely eat to the all time high of 5 (or 10% of the menu). However after my last bout with BBQ ribs I dare not test them again.

Due to the next paragraph having way too much information it's been rot13'd. Use a cipher to decrypt it if you dare.

Jung unccrarq ynfg gvzr jnf gung gurl znqr zr tbbq naq fvpx; va snpg gurer jnf rabhtu sbepr oruvaq gung uhey gb obgu xabpx zr onpx hcevtug naq grne gur gbvyrg'f cbeprynva va gjnva. Arrqyrff gb fnl, V'ir nibvqrq gur evof rire fvapr!

The rest of the day had been spent poking about online and, as usual, working with Project Metal. Metal's magic almost works; I've got the probabilities all buggered up however, so it's still in progress.

Today's link of the day is none other than rot13.com, which is an online tool to crypt or decrypt messages using rot13. The above paragraph is a simple example.

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