Busy birdies and Cujo
Posted on October 14th, 2008
Today was very busy. Shortly after I got up mom and I ran some errands. We were in and out of Target pretty quickly, but we got stalled at the bird store. We've been having trouble with seed spilling over the balcony, so we got a new tray and had legs installed on it and had the guy seal the stand hole in our old tray. That's what took forever: that requires power tools. We also got seed and decided to try corn kernels, so we got a bag of that as well. We were going to get legs for the old tray, but they didn't have a second set in inventory.

The assholes with the dog have been busy. There's fresh dog plops in the grass, and someone (presumably the toddler of the family below us) stepped in it and smeared it all of the way up the walk and part of the way up the stairs.

As we came in with the stuff from the car, I headed for the elevator (as a cartfull of stuff isn't carryable) and mom took the stairs. Just as I got to the elevators, mom came running up. The aforementioned assholes just happened to be clomping down the stairs with their uncontrolled boxer as mom was starting up the stairs.

Later in the day Little One went to the vet. Overall, he's doing well. He didn't even flinch when getting his shot. The vet agreed that it looks like arthritis. I tried brushing him earlier and got a lot a fur out of him, but he didn't really like it. The pluck-by-hand method might work better to keep mats in check.

Most of the evening was spent working with Project Rainbow. I was going back over everything and found that more staff would be required than previously planned. So I came up with two additional characters and created their models.

Since most of my day wasn't spent online, I didn't run across anything to link to. So instead, here's a painful YouTube video that I linked to exactly a year ago.

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