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Posted on October 13th, 2008
Today's big event was the big shopping. Among other things, I picked up several Tabatchnick soups to try and some energy bars to try to fix a problem.

Fun fact: I'm hypoglycemic. And for some reason my sugar tanks at 3:00 PM every day. This happens regardless of when I've eaten; one day I had lunch at 2:50 PM and crashed 10 minutes later anyway. The only method that seems to work is to eat something right as the crash begins. So I've been eating a granola bar (fudge covered) and my daily fruit juice at 3:01 PM or so to stop the crash. Normally the fruit juice comes around 3:45 PM after I've exercised and retrieved the mail. Mind you, I don't start exercising until 3:30 PM or so.

I've been researching it online, and I think I've found a better solution. Namely energy bars or shakes. From my understanding of how stuff is metabolized, simple sugars aren't the best idea. They are just a quick fix. Protein is the key. So I picked up some energy bars that have few calories and sodium but more protein to try to combat this daily crash a bit smarter.

The energy bar curbed the sugar low. Tastes like chocolate covered chalk (a big step up from tasting like peanut butter mixed with tar), but it worked.

Here's the fun part: to stop the crash I was eating the following:
400 Calories
14 grams of Complex Carbs
44 grams of Simple Carbs
2 grams of Protein

...But this:
100 Calories
4 grams of Complex Carbs
12 grams of Simple Carbs
4 grams of Protein

...did the same job. I'm thinking the next time I get bars, I'll get the 10g of Protein version. It should work even better and didn't appear to cost any more. Also, I'm thinking of changing my breakfast cereal; the current one is mostly simple carbs.

In other news I furthered Project Rainbow along and made some notes about how to proceed with Project Metal.

Tomorrow Little One goes to the vet. It's time for his check ups, and he's starting to mat. Though unlike Pov, he doesn't seem to care one way or the other about us pulling the mats out -- I picked a spare cat out of him this evening.

The link of the day is a tribute music video to both Stan Bush and the Transformers series: The Touch.

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