What a find!
Posted on October 10th, 2008
As we are running low on cat food once again and I needed my prescriptions refilled, mom and I ran errands this afternoon. While mom was browsing the grocery store for something I discovered something very unexpected in the frozen bread isle. Namely, ethnic frozen meals. Among these were frozen soups and fancy stuff like sweet 'n sour chicken. I idly looked at the soups and got a startling surprise: they are almost worth the same amount of calories and sodium as Lean Cuisines. This was a huge surprise because your average bowl of soup contains more sodium than a pair of quarter pounders with cheese! For comparison, a Lean Cuisine is equal to half a quarter pounder with cheese sodium wise. The Asian food was very high in sodium (and thus off limits) as well as very high priced: $6 per box!

Interestingly enough, these soups are $1.20 less than Lean Cuisines.

Naturally I picked up a box of frozen chili. I loves chili. However, it's usually well over my limit on sodium. Each box of frozen soup provides two large bowls of soup. Both bowls equal a Lean Cuisine. So I had two helpings of chili for lunch. It's good chili too. It's like the chili from one of the buffets we used to frequent.

Chili is my favorite kind of soup, but they have my second favorite, minestrone, and my third favorite, good ol' chicken noodle, as well. I'm looking forward to trying those.

I decided to look 'em up online (now that the box is lone gone), and while I didn't have the brand's name I was able to find them by searching for frozen soup in the Google Image Search. I thus made a discovery.

I thought the brand of soup was Indian based on where it was: everything in that section was either Indian or Asian. It's neither: it's JEWISH. Once again, Kosher food works a miracle of low sodium goodness! The brand is Tabatchnick.

Since Kosher foods have been major help to my diet in the past and now in the present, I created the new Kosher heart userpic to celebrate.

The rest of the day was spent messing with Project Rainbow and Metal. I finally fixed Metal's annoying error, but after playing around with the game as it currently is I found the controls and projectile mechanics rather annoying to play with. Thus I rewrote about half the game's code for a more Nethack (and therefore 'natural') feel to the game.

Today's link plays off the chili discovery. Meet the LNSEMSF!

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