A stop at the world's largest garage sale
Posted on September 30th, 2008
My day was largely filled with Din. There have been a few things that I haven't been fond of, so today I went and changed it.

During the afternoon, one of the maintenance people we've come to know stopped over with his daughter and her toddler. The latter largely stole the show. Mom carried him around showing him everything, including the cats who were not sure what to make of him. As mom held him at a distance they were wary but didn't run.

It's not the nicest thing to say, but the daughter kind of looked retarded or downs-y to me. I could be wrong, but that's my impression anyway. Of course, with a toddler present many people have their IQs drop sharply, so it could just be me.

Just a little bit ago I wandered order to eBay, aka the world's largest garage sale to see if I could get a specific action figure / accessory I want to get. To my surprise, one dealer had a 100% complete version of this toy for only $20 plus shipping. I was expecting such a find to cost $40 or more! SNAGGED! Even more amazing was something else in their store.

There were two Doom Drone toys released during that series' lifetime. I wanted and bought the Doom Drone Strafe. It's fairly common. The other Doom Drone toy, the Doom Drone Traumatizer, is rare as milk from a virgin goat. This guy has a 100% complete Doom Drone Traumatizer! Only $70. Maybe I can has one in the future when I has more money. Note: as cool as they are, it's not and has never been on my to-get list. Wouldn't take much to twist the ol' arm though.

Having money left, I decided to see about another toy collection project. I decided a while back that I should 'complete' my collection of Battle Beasts and Z-Bots. I like the latter more (I also have 14 of them and only 2 Battle Beasts, so it's a tad obvious). Battle Beasts are about $9 a pop. Z-Bots however are $2 each. I snagged two versions of one bot and then got very lucky. One of the vehicles was just $5 ! The vehicles from that line are rather rare. So I grabbed it quickly. It'll come with a Z-Bot, one I already have, but I'll accept a double to get a tank.

For an equally mind blowing link, have a look at these 1337 driving skills. Don't try that at home!

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