Another quick day
Posted on September 8th, 2007
I got up, got the morning paper and then went back to bed. When I got up at 2:20 PM I discovered that someone left the fridge door open, and stuff was lukewarm. About 10 minutes after I shut the door everything was back to the normal chill you'd expect from a fridge.

Mom's day was rather frustrating. The dental work done the other day started to hurt, the house was still a mess from yesterday's business and one thing after another just didn't go quite right.

I spent my day working on a project that's been on the back burner for a while. I just worked on the graphics it would require; I didn't finish but I made headway. I figure tomorrow I'll work some more on it. The coding for it should be rather simple and straightforward.

We've received an invitation to my cousin's wedding. This was expected; this apartment is in their (slightly extended) neighborhood. What wasn't expected was that it was going to be held at the church we used to visit. In retrospect that should've been an easy guess; I'm not aware of any other church in the area and last I heard the bride's mother sings in that church's choir.

In other news I've been attempting to stay on day shift because of all of the appointments this month. All this napping is most likely due to not following natural patterns and thus not getting all the rest I need. I see the dentist the first week in October; once that appointment is done the cycle can freely resume.

Lastly I've been puttering over a potential rant on the current system of education, but I've yet to get the energy to actually write it. Mainly I've been seeing the "I'm better than you because my name has letters after it!" attitude online a lot lately, but I'm also seeing grand failures of the system on occasion. It's annoying, and I'm certain that some perspective is needed. It's like Perfect Programmer Syndrome but applied to Art majors. Also, isn't it a tad late in the season for a new crop of Taco Bell employees graduates?

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