Loudest lunch ever
Posted on September 27th, 2008
We decided not to do the big shopping or the quick grocery store trip as planned. Instead, we did the bird seed run. We stopped at a Rite Aid for the cat food we needed, then went to town. Mom and I entered Petsmart, but since the place was crawling with dogs we left before we even got near the stuff we were going to look at.

At Target I loaded up on Lean Cuisines as they are far cheaper there. We got a box, some candy and some other things.

We bought the usual bird seed from the bird store and also got a clamp mount for the thistle feeder. The thistle seed remnants make a colossal mess, so instead of hanging the feeder over our potted plants we'll be hanging it out over the edge of the balcony. In other words, since we don't want to clean it up, someone else can.

Lunch was an impromptu visit to McDonald's. Originally one of the Lean Cuisines was going to be lunch. Just as we were finishing up, a junior high girl's sports team pulled up in a school bus. Naturally having the entire group crowded in the fast food joint was a tad loud.

After lunch we came home.

When we were leaving we'd discovered that the hallway by our apartment stuck like sewage. The stench was strongest by the apartment across from us. We informed the management that it smelled like the sewer was backed up on the way out of the complex. Upon returning home we found it hadn't changed.

The rest of my day was spent working more on Din and Project Rainbow. Most of the time was spent on the latter. I think tomorrow will see me coding a module for Din as I'm less than thrilled with some of the writing I did today.

The link of the day is a single yet impossible game: Shoot the Red Planet

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