What a day of it
Posted on September 7th, 2007
The plan was simple: our friend would put in the shelves and the custom window in a few hours. Naturally that didn't go as planned; the poor guy was still working on it 10 hours later. Unique sights included the extension cord going from a 5th floor window to the ground and the antics that resulted when a bee flew in that window. It's done now. The stuff that is normally found in that closet is currently scattered around the house however.

On the programming front I had a crazy idea this morning and I spent the day figuring out how to make it work. The only problem with the templating stuff I've been fighting with is the extremely slow speed it winds up getting. There are only two client-side features provided by this system. On a whim I took a look a JavaScript. Unlike PHP, it's a client-side technology (and thus will get served MUCH faster). It has the same server-side tricks I'm after as well. I'm a novice with JavaScript -- I looked at it around 2003 but defaulted to PHP instead. Thus I had to look up some of the basics like how to declare a variable and how to link an external script to an HTML page. I also had to dig around in some references to see how to do some of the trickier things like mess with CSS and pass a GET variable.

In the end I now have all of the pieces I need for that project to work properly. I just need to tidy up some files and compose the final JavaScript file to make the project work. It will also degrade gracefully if JavaScript is disabled or not supported.

I may find use for JavaScript on this site, though I presently doubt it.

Recently I've had some unhappy thoughts about the future; specifically my parent's proximity to the average human lifespan. This morning Illiad posted a link to something right in line with these thoughts: a short quiz provided by a life insurance group. The quiz guesstimates your likely lifespan by looking at your activities and general health. I'll reach the late 80s or very early 90s according to it.

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