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Posted on September 6th, 2008
Wednesday morning, the internet and TV died without warning. After it didn't come back on, we checked the box out in the storage area. Hence our discovery that some [censored] had decided to do some fancy rewiring to give himself "free" cable TV and internet. In doing so, he'd disconnected us and a few others.

The ISP wasn't able to get out here until this morning. It didn't take the tech long to rewire us back up, and as a perk this call didn't cost us anything.

Without the TV or internet to keep us occupied, we ended up being quite productive. I've made a number of improvements to Din and have reached a point where I can see the next release ahead. It's still a ways off, but it's getting close.

My old programming book arrived and I've been reading it. There are a number of adorably obsolete references in it such as "taking advantage of the advanced graphics capabilities of the Apple ][", calling monitors an uncommon luxury (as line-feed ink printers are the normal "display") and one of the demonstration programs. That demo program is a simple program that keeps tallies of gas purchases and prints a report about them. The real kicker is that the price per gallon entered must be between $0.001 cents and $3.00 USD. Good times.

Fortunately there's actually the occasional nugget of wisdom.

There's also three rather cool surprises. The original owner's name, Charles D., is written in the inside cover. The original price tag is still on the cover, so we know how much Charles paid for it. This book was $20 new when it was on the shelves in 1984. Even cooler: the original sales receipt was stuck in the pages as a bookmark. It was only in the first chapter, so either Charles gave up at that point or he just wanted to refer back to that section.

The receipt verbatim:


1342223                #
     PAPERBACK   19.95 T
SUBTOTAL         19.95
ST TAX            1.00

4CHARGE  TL      20.95

        THANK YOU   4.3
#356658 C606 R01 T13:52


The lot of Metroplex parts arrived yesterday, and substantially improved the appearance of the figure. According to the manual, I'm missing 5 pieces. None of these are used in City Mode, so I can ignore 'em.

I've beaten Yoshi's Island DX; the game gets rather tricky after world 3. I'm guessing the level designers watched a lot of Asshole Mario in the break room or during meetings. Best line of the game comes from Baby Bowser: "You mean I'll still be trying to take over the universe when I'm a geezer?! Way LAME!"

Yesterday evening I end up with a migraine. It could've been caused by a number of things: lots of reading, lots of DS gameplay, lots of coding or just a lot of very hard thinking (which has been known to give me headaches). In any event I went to bed early.

That's the scoop from here.

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