Quite the day of it
Posted on August 31st, 2008
I spent most of my time today working with Din. I corrected a bunch of things and then focused on redoing the file handling. I came close, but I've yet to finish the latter.

While I worked on Din I fought the VM trouble. Mainly by downloading some things. The first thing I did was download Damn Small Linux. Aside from being quite a small distro it's very handy for debugging. I created a new VM for it and discovered that there was no difficulty getting the VM to see the internet. A bit more poking around and I found that VMs created for one version of the virtualization software don't work properly in another version. Aside from the problem with the internet, the Linux VM decided that 2048x1536 resolution is the only resolution available. That's far larger than my monitor can display, which made working the VM more frustrating.

The solution to the VM trouble was a simple reinstall of the VM. In order to do that I needed install media. I tried downloading it via a tool called jigdo. It's supposed to be faster than bittorent, HTTP and FTP, so I gave it a go. In the end it downloaded the ISO in about two hours (HTTP takes 6 hours). This tool also doesn't install, just unzip, use and delete. Nice and clean.

The new Linux VM was also of the opinion that HolyCrapThatsHuge by GoodGraciousThatsBig was the only resolution available. With some help from Gentoo's Wiki I found where to enter the real resolution information and correct that problem. Prior to consulting Google about that tidbit I simply entered the information where it seemed correct (as I've toyed with xorg.conf before). I ended up being unable to run X at all, followed by a frustrating series of reboots and edits. Thanks to Google and Gentoo's Wiki it now uses 1024 by 756.

From there it was just a matter of apt-geting Lazarus, Joe, Fluxbox and the odd thing it needed.

The FreeDOS VM has yet to be reinstalled, but that won't take much effort. DOS isn't exactly difficult to install or run after all.

Near the very end of the day one of the neighbors stopped over asking if we'd help with some renter's insurance forms. Naturally we got to talking. They have a kitten and an iguana and hope to get a snake in the future. Cats only apartment I see.

Today's link of the day is this list of the 100 most challenged books

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