Hello, Sailor!
Posted on August 30th, 2008
Grocery shopping was fairly uninteresting, as it ought to be. The place was crowded to an extreme. After all, it's a holiday weekend. The only other part of groceries that was worth mentioning was the cashier. He was new and more concerned about getting Labor Day off than packing groceries. As a supervisor remarked, "I just manage 'em, not hire 'em". He's been there less than 6 months; I have a feeling that he won't be around that long.

On the way home we stopped at a Circle K to get some random junk food. I was surprised to find they carry 5th avenues and Mr Goodbars. No store we visit regularly has those. Naturally I got several. They also had Peanut Butter Twix which I've been wanting to try. Aside from Circle K, only Target carries that kind.

I spent the afternoon working on Project Sailor. There was more to be done than I had previously thought. However, I did indeed manage to launch that project! Because of this, Project Sailor can now be known by its real name instead of its codename. UGuardian's Linkfest. It's a site similar to Fark or Digg, but obviously much smaller scale. I come across tons of links everyday but I only link to a few in the daily blog entry. Now all of the links I run across can get passed on. To make it even better the links can be sorted by categories (news, weird, movies, games, humor, misc, resource) or you can display up to 50 random links.

Tomorrow I'm going to focus on getting Din completed. While it may take a few days, I want to finish Din 0.3a prior to working on any other project.

A bit of bad news I uncovered late in the evening is that none of the virtual machines can see the internet for some reason. This is a major problem and one I can't easily fix. I'll have to download some rather large files to experiment with in order to fix it. These files will take most of the day to download, so I dunno when I'll get a case to do anything about it.

For a single link of the day try this: Sean "Diddy" Combs can't afford private jets thanks to gas prices.

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