Day trip 1
Posted on September 5th, 2007
Today was spent on a car trip to the cardiologists. The appointment itself was rather uneventful save for two things. First, my diastolic was 97. The other key point was that my weight was 228. That's down quite a bit from 245, so hopefully the pounds will continue to shed. At this point it's all water, so there's no concern over the speedy drop.

On the way home we stopped at a Rite Aid and bought some snacks.

As we were getting back to our end of town we discovered that the power was off everywhere. No traffic lights, nor lights in any of the buildings. The apartment was dark. Neither hall lights or lights on the stairs worked. We headed for the lobby as it was the only source of light in the building, and just as we reached it the power came back on.

We then ran up five flights of stairs to get to the apartment quickly in case the power didn't stay on.

In the end it stayed on. According to the local news something exploded under one of the main streets, killing power to the city.

Once back in the apartment I munched on some of the snacks I picked up. I got three things: a bar of gourmet chocolate, a giant Mr. Goodbar and a Mountain Dew. The gourmet chocolate bar was filled, and while the chocolate itself was good, it and the filling together was icky. The Mt. Dew expired on August 13th, 2007, but I drank it anyway. I figure the worst that could happen would be that it gives me gas more lethal than Mt. Dew normally does. I had no room left on the diet for the Mr. Goodbar.

I'd dressed in nice clothes and had bathed for this doctor visit, and upon returning home Midnight didn't recognize me and fled. Later when I was wearing my usual attire he acted normally again.

The evening was spent fighting with Apache. I was trying to get a decent speed on my scripts, and the benchmark program was giving readouts all over the map. Normally several tests of the same file give Requests per second values that vary but hover around 10 to 20 rps near each other. Today the return value was anywhere from 57 to 930. I'm giving up and I'm just going to code so things are easy to manage, which probably should've been the goal to begin with.

Tomorrow is the other lengthy trek to get mom's teeth worked on. This trip will be quite an event: 2.5 hours round-trip driving and a 2 hour hour dental appointment add up for a long day.

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