Boldy going forward 'cause I can't find reverse
Posted on August 22nd, 2008
Today was rather busy. I spent the morning cleaning out my desk and moving the computer to the dinning room. The people from the furniture store arrived shortly after lunch with the three bookcases. Two are in place in my room, but one has to stay in the living room until we can adapt it for the air intake on the wall it will be bolted into.

An hour or so later mom wanted to run errands and we hadn't heard from UPS yet. UPS typically arrives between 10:00 AM and noon, so we figured that UPS wasn't going to bring the desk until tomorrow. Mom made a last minute check on the computer and discovered that the desk was already delivered. WTF?

That makes things very difficult. The UPS guy is supposed to ring our apartment and bring the package to us via dolly. That's how UPS does things around here. That's how they've always done it and that's how they are supposed to do it. This lazy jerk didn't even bother to deliver anyone's packages: he just placed the stickers on the door and dropped everything off at the office! When I got the mail later in the day, people were complaining about this jerk's lazy method of delivery.

In our case it's a bit more complicated than just having to walk down and pick our package up. Our package is a large article of furniture and weighs more than any of us can lift (approx 60 pounds). It'll be in the office until we can figure out how to move it up here.

Cursing the UPS dickhead, mom and I ran the errand. We stopped and talked with the landlord and people in the office for a bit, since there's no way for us to move that thing (I tried and obviously failed).

We learned a couple of things talking with everyone. First off, remember that stray kitten? It found a home that very night. A resident discovered it and called the landlord, who responded that it's a lost stray. The resident then adopted it, taking the food and litter too. So the scared little thing found a home!

The landlord was making invitations for a "grand opening" of sorts for the clubhouse. Naturally, we got an invite. It'll be in a few weeks, but it might be interesting.

We also learned something important talking with the people in the office: the Hunan place we like delivers.

The errand was pretty quick and simple. We got dinner, candy and more cat food. We honestly went for the cat food.

I spent the rest of the day doing things online. I installed the new version of the compiler I use and started poking at it. There's a large number of new functions in the library, some of which will simplify my coding a bit.

The cats aren't sure of the new bookcases or the fact that some things aren't where they used to be. They have been a bit anxious lately as they know what moving to a new place looks like. Everything we've been doing (putting stuff in boxes, getting rid of furniture) looks an awful lot like moving, and they don't like moving.

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