Lost little kitten
Posted on August 19th, 2008
I spent the day toying with Din and Thingy again. Most of the effort was on Thingy; it didn't go well as I kept getting an error that didn't make any sense. Four hours later I worked out a hack that stopped the error message. By then I wanted to strangle something. A few hours later it dawned on me what might be causing the error, so I may be able to remove the shoddy hack and make it work. Overall Thingy's upgrade is nearly done. I'd wager it'll go live by the end of the week.

The rest of the day was pretty run of the mill until just before I started this entry. I heard a sound that kinda sounded like someone knocking at the door and paused. I heard it again a moment later, so I got up and looked through the peephole. It was one of the neighbors, so I got mom up and together we answered the door.

A scared little kitten was lost in the hall; the neighbors were trying to find out who it belonged to. The next hour was spent asking around, including calling the landlord in a vain attempt to find its owner. One person mom and friends asked stated that someone on the first floor has simply let it in.

In the end everyone agreed that the best option was to leave out food, water and litter and hope the owner shows up in the morning. We had a spare food dish, kibble and litter so we donated those. Mom also donated a large fluffy towel to give it a place to stay.

None of us can board it: we all have cats that won't tolerate a new kitten and no place to quarantine it for the night.

If it's a stray it doesn't act like one: it knew how to use the litter pan. It also wants to follow someone into their apartment.

Link for today: Ogtoons -- political cartoons by a blogger. There aren't many, but they aren't bad either.

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